30 days free rental

Not sure about the right choice? Or are you worried that the device won't work on your dog? No problem. You can try any product from our range for free.

If you decide to exchange or return an item, please send it to us here:

Reedog, s.r.o. Sedmidomky 459/8 101 00 Prague 10

Cancellation of a sale agreement

Note: Exceptions are food, cosmetics, anti-parasitics, medical and hygiene supplies, dog and cat toilets.

  • You create an order and choose your shipping and payment method
  • We will deliver the shipment to the place of your choice or prepare it for collection at the shop
  • Once the shipment is received, the 30-day try-on period begins
  • If the device meets all your expectations, you keep the product
  • If you would prefer to try another option (or return the product), send it back to us
  • A copy of the invoice and a cover letter with contact information must accompany the shipment
  • Once we have received your shipment, we will contact you to discuss the next steps (refund or exchange for another model)


When returning the goods, we will deduct:

- damaged/missing original packaging : 15% of the product price ( from 15 -30 days)

- scratched, damaged radio/receiver : 20% of the product price

- Product accessories ( missing, damaged, shortened collar...) : value of the product

Recommendation: when testing the collar within the 30-day period, we recommend to secure the device against damage and scratches (e.g. wrap the receiver with foil...)