Aplikace Tracker Hunter na 1 rok + TH Live
Aplikace Tracker Hunter na 1 rok + TH LiveAplikace Tracker Hunter na 1 rok + TH LiveAplikácia Tracker Hunter na 1 rok + TH Live

Application Tracker Hunter 1 year + TH live

Tracker for Android is an excellent application designed for hunters, rescue organizations, geocaching, such as navigating the terrain and other outdoor activities.

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Application Tracker Hunter 1 year + TH live

Tracker for Android is an excellent application designed for hunters, rescue organizations, geocaching, such as navigating the terrain and other outdoor activities.

Application includes the following features

  • offline navigation on topographic, road or satellite map,
  • Compass - for tracking dogs, and other users without limiting the number of monitored objects,
  • Labelling tracking points and other POIs,
  • route planning, marking different areas,
  • group creation, sharing with a group of targets - all on-line in real time.

Activities can be controled via mobile phone, tablet, or home computer. All this after free registration at www.tracker.fi or via Tracker WebApp.

Mobile phones and the use of data link are the future for Tracker!
Tracker application together with Tracker G400 and G500 Black Magnum provide hunters, foresters, rescue dogs and the police new dimension for the localization and organization of hunting or rescue operations. Enthusiastic users navigate the device using radio frequency technology to newer mobile data! Then you can forget about the usual problems with the limited range of radio frequencies and see for yourself by watching without

Experience a tracking dogs like never before:

Monitor unlimited number of dogs in real time (since 3 seconds) with the best GPS -

Tracker G400FITracker G500FI Black MagnumTracker G1000 Maximal*

  • Automatic sending and receiving positions - no manual control
  • The ability to call on the collar and listen to what is happening around
  • The indicator reports (barking) with each updated position of the display, and the dog track
  • Geoplot and alarm messages
  • Unlimited viewing distance regardless of terrain
  • Monitoring unlimited number of friends with Tracker App in real time
  • Targets can be displayed on a topographic or offline race card, or via satellite map compass
  • OSM maps and travel Tracker Topo - topomapy are free
  • Maps at the first display automatically saved to the phone and are applicable even in areas with poor network coverage or abroad
  • Real-time monitoring and playback simultaneously available via the app despite webtracking PC
  • Sharing objectives through a unique feature Tracker - group
  • Each collar is secure username and password protection through unauthorized use

* Tracking is possible only with active licence


Maps in your application:

  • Unlimited download travel OpenStreetMap and based on them Tracker Topo maps from around the world. Maps contain details of the terrain and contour lines.
  • Maps are updated once a day, so you can always download new ones.
  • The test version includes 100 national map tiles terrain maps.
  • The paid version includes a free detailed maps of Finland, Germany, Austria, Norway, Estonia and the USA.
  • Maps are downloaded automatically when you first view and stored on a memory card, so they are available in a mode without a mobile network.

Navigation and intelligent marking and measuring

  • Simply add a road or other POIs points of different symbols to suit your needs - "auto", "piece", "posed" etc. and share them easily with your friends.
  • A small compass in the map view, a large compass appears when you click on the symbol compass
  • Plan your route or mark the location with certain co-ordinates
  • Determine the distance to the target using intelligent function distance measurement
  • Draw your route you want to take a walk or a polygon as a hunting area or area for a rescue operation.

A unique feature of Group Tracker Application *

  • Create groups with friends, dogs and share certain points, border districts or routes
  • Watch all the dogs in the group in real time, watch dog friends together
  • Improved safety in hunting and rescue action because you have an overview of all participants
  • Chat group through mobile data, ie. without the costs of SMS
  • Organizing your groups

Rescue operations in another dimension - no distance limitations and always in contact *:

  • Creating groups either through the Tracker application, or through WebApp directly on your computer
  • Mark boundary or area for investigation as polygons and share your rescue team
  • Overview of the situation in real time the entire rescue team
  • Ability to play a rescue operation again step by step whenever you want on your mobile phone, tablet or PC
  • Unique features playing tracks and routes with statistics

Play back any action using the Tracker system step by step

  • Only one click to get information about their own position - speed, altitude, direction, GPS, GSM and battery status, history
  • GPS odometer provides statistics such as average speed, total distance covered, time, etc.
  • Menu is available in Czech, Slovak and other 10 languages.

* Tracking is possible only with active licence

Tracker Hunter year license includes the following features:

  • So far a valid license from the program Tracker Hunter
  • 300 maps, and the right to download additional maps
  • Tracker Live service for 1 year
  • So far a valid license from predecessors Tracker Hunter
  • Ability to add up to 999 dogs
  • You can share your dogs with their friends see their location, etc ..

Download the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trackersw.android.tracker

Widest range of accessories

  • Only here you find the widest range of accessories for electronic collars, invisible fences, anti-howling collars, door for dogs and cats, pet fountains and smartpet.

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