Paby GPS tracker and activity monitor
Paby GPS tracker and activity monitorPaby GPS tracker and activity monitorPaby GPS tracker and activity monitor Zobraz video

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Paby GPS tracker and activity monitor

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Paby allows the pet owners to track and record the movements of their pets in real time. This unique GPS system is waterproof, lightweight and super small. You are in control of what your pet does thanks to the smartphone app. Communication with your pet is wireless, daily use is safe and comfortable for both you and your beloved pet.


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Paby GPS tracker and activity monitor

Paby is a small, lightweight and waterproof, stylish tracking device, which is easily attached to pet's collar. If you worry about your restless pet, with Paby, you don't have to anymore. The system finds the location of your pet and it is accurate to within 10 metres. This is highly appreciated not only by the owners of constantly escaping dogs, but also owners of nosy cats. It is suited for everyone who wants to take care of their pet as good as it is possible.

Track and trace the route of your pet and record for how long and where your pet is! The system will recommend you the ways of excercise for your pet regarding its weight, age and condition. Paby works no matter where you are. It works properly in more than 70 countries all over the world!



Linking the device with app

If you desire to be constantly in touch with your pet, there is no easier way than using the app for Paby device. Via your smartphone, you can see the route of your pet and create a virtual fence. When a pet violates the fence, you get a notification. The system records the route of the pet, its sleep and overall activity. With the collected information it creates recommendations based on the age, weight and breed.



Main advantages and features

  • Luxurious design of the device and packaging - choose out of many designs. Paby is not only high quality product, but it's also very stylish.
  • Paby is the lightest GPS device on the planet. It's small and only weighs 31,6 grams. You do not have to worry that the device would be uncomfortable to wear.
  • Paby has both audio and visual signal, which is a big plus for night walks. Thanks to powerful LED light, the walks and excercise in the evenings can be as easy as during the day.
  • Location Based Services System, GPS and Wi-Fi all allow to track your pat up to within 10 metres.
  • Records the history of route and movement of your pet. Where has your beloved pet been today? That is not a secret anymore!
  • Monitoring of your pet's activities - app informs you when your pet sleeps, runs or plays and creates fitted recommendations for each pet.
  • Works in more than 70 countries! Wherever around the world your pet is, inside or outside, you won't loose the track of it.
  • Completely watertight. The device has no restrictions regarding the water.
  • Geo Fence feature allows setting a virtual fences outside of which animal isn't allowed. The moment your pet crosses the border of the virtual fence, you receive a notification on your smartphone.
  • Device sharing allows more people to track the dog (for example more family members).





Monitoring of your pet's activities

More than 70 % of dogs is obese, it is therefore highly recommended to take care of your dogs lifestyle. With Paby, you can keep track of whether your dog moves and excercises enough. It evaluates if your walks are long enough and creates recommendations to improve the quality of your pet's life. 







Unlimited number of dogs and users

Do you own more than one pet? Paby can take care of several dogs at once! Its app is shared, so you can easily allow another user into the app. One device can be seen by your whole family.



Finding the location of the dog up within to 10 metres

No more worrying that your pet will get lost! This feature is especially valued by the owners of the constantly escaping dogs. Keep track of where your pet is.




If the pet will go too far away, you will be notified

Watch your dog day and night. If it will go too far away, the app will let you know. Paby makes both noise and lights up, so training is safe even after sunset.







History of the route and walks

What has your dog been doing and where did it go? No more secrets! You are now completely in charge of what your dog does thanks to history of tracking! 







Thanks to 2G/3G GPS, LBS and WiFi you watch your pet anywhere around the world, whether it is inside or outside. Paby works in more than 70 countries. 

Create a virtual fence on your map and watch your dog in real time. When you receive a notification, you know that your dog has violated the fence.

Monitor activities of your dog. The app brings you special recommendations fitted to your dog's needs regarding its breed and weight. 

GPS device Paby is completely waterproof and has no restrictions regarding the water. Its level of water resistance is IPX67.

If you decide to use the Paby system with all its features, you will be paying 2,6 €, 3 € or 3,5 € per month, depending on the rate you choose. First 30 days is for free. 

SIM card Paby is built in the device and it has to be activated. Afterwards, you can enjoy all the features that Paby offers you. 



Price and using

Paby has a built in SIM card that works in more than 70 countries around the world. With Paby SIM card you get all the features that this device offers. However, it is necessary to pay monthly fee that is 2,6 € if you pay for the whole year, 3 € if you pay for six months and 3,5 € if you decide to pay after each month separately. 


The app for Android is availiable here: here.



With what will collar help

For which breed is suitable

Determining suitability for a particular dog is always very difficult, because every dog is different. Mainly depends on the temperament and sensitivity of the dog. Based on our experience, we recommend this model for these breeds.

Big dogs
For cats
Mid-size dogs
Small dogs

Technické parametry

Watertightness waterproof
Battery duration while working 3 days
Application Android, iOS
Battery 3,8V 460mAh
Charging time 120 minutes
Functions GPS + activity tracker
Range no limitation
Amount of dogs až 20
Navigation system 3G GSM + Wifi + LBS
View Map
Watertightness waterproof
Power supply Charging
Collar receiver dimensions 5.85 x 3.23 x 1.74 cm
Collar receiver weight 31,6 g

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