Foobler Bluetooth Smart for cats and dogs

Do you want to feed your dog healthy and entertain it for a long time, even when you are at work? The Foobler Bluetooth is an automatic feed dispenser and a durable interactive ball that you control remotely with a clear app. 6 feeding trays for the whole day. Additional intervals will provide a 100% nutrition plan. The self-moving ball prevent the disobedience, promote the dog's health and train instincts. With a taste for the game!

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Foobler Bluetooth Smart for cats and dogs

Foobler is an automatic feeding dispenser in the form of an interactive toy. Do you want to improve the feeding of your pet with a fun game? The Foobler ball is exactly what you need. You control the ball via your smartphone! Download the Foobler app for iOS and Android (min. 4.3). Foobler runs on 2pcs of AA batteries (not included).


The automatic ball signals activity by sound in 4 different variantsAfter that, he releases one tray and moves himself. In a while, fluffy friend will find the treats and begins to play with smart ball. Foobler Bluetooth will provide the game for 9 hours without the need for filling.


Health tastes best: 6 times a day in snall portions 

Slow-dosed will guarantee that your pet doesn't swallow the food. 6 trays provide a feeding plan in small portions several times during the day. You fill the mini trays only with dry dog food, select time intervals, and the smart ball will provides functions up to 9 hours. You can conveniently use the start and stop times for the automatic interval planner. A ball with an automatic dispenser will finally allow you to get proper nutrition.

Foobler does not contain plastic material and Bisfenol A, which is often present in plastic products, although it is harmful to health.




The increased comfort of management through the app will allow you to control the activity, as well as the consumption of food. The Foobler app is very easy to use. To reward your pet or lure to the game, just simply activate the ball via the app.

6 trays in an interactive ball hold 2 cups of dry food, which will corresponds the daily nutrition plan for large dog. To feed more fluffy friends, it is enough just to add another Foobler devices to the app and conveniently enjoy all the features.



We understand that leaving a pet alone is always very uneasily. Left alone at home, dog can feel fear, anxiety and sometimes even make some vandalized. An irritable or apathetic dog is not what you need at home. Foobler will attract the dog's attention and help to forget about anxiety. Instead of being angry, your fluffy friend enjoy the game.


The game will remind the dog of the natural conquest of prey. Your pet will stay in good shape, have fun, and practice his ingenuity.


Do not worry about mechanical damage during the game. The ball is made of HDPE shell material, which is a high-strength plastic that is durable, easy to wash and harmless to health.


Take care of your pet effectively - now it is very easy to feed your dog properly

Smaller portions several times a day are the right strategy for optimal nutrition of the dog. Foobler with adjustable dosage will match the dog's natural requirements. The game motivates the pet to consume the food and allows it to gradually taste. Feeding through the game brings benefits, motivates to move, feeds and entertains the dog.

Foobler is a smart helper that allows you to better understand your pet and strengthen your relationship.


Main functions:

  • Foobler Bluetooth allows you to schedule feeding for the whole day, or for a shorter period of time
  • Provides feeding for 9 hours
  • 3 time options: regular interval (1-99 min), automatic intervals from-to and time specified for each serving separately
  • Manual control for sound signal and dispenser release
  • Activity monitor improves the health and condition of the dog
  • Durable, safe for health material (bpa free)
  • Remote control via a convenient app
  • Helps optimal feeding and benefits physical activity of the pet
  • 4 options of sound notification + volume limit
  • Prevents incorrect behavior of the dog when it is left alone
  • Diameter 15.5 cm


How to attract a dog to the game? 

To make the dog understand what an interactive toy can offer him, first join the game. Manual control allows you to enter signals and reward treat. First activate the sound signal, as soon as you will see the dogs curiosity, give hima him a delicious treat. Repeat the process. In time the dog will discovers the connection between the sound and the treats.

Benefits Handicaps
  • Automatic feed dispenser in interactive self-moving toy
  • 3 feeding intervals
  • Manual and remote control
  • Durable, safe for health material
  • Convenient app
  • Corresponds to the nutritional requirements of larger dogs
  • Prevents swallowing and overeating
  • Allows you to configure the feeding schedule
  • Corresponds to the dog's natural eating habits
  • The device will entertain and motivate your pet to move
  • 4 options for sound notifications and volume restrictions
  • You will need to train your dog to the ball

Package content

  • 1x interactive self-moving ball Foobler Bluetooth

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