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Foobler Mini Smart ball for cats and dogs

Foobler is a smart electronic ball for dogs that turns feeding into fun. It is a 2 in 1 - namely a self-moving toy and a feeding dispenser with additional intervals. 6 mini-trays of high-quality plastic ball contain a daily feeding for larger dogs. Foobler runs on 3pcs of AAA batteries.

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Product description

Foobler is a smart electronic ball for dogs that turns feeding into fun. It is a 2 in 1 - namely a self-moving toy and a feeding dispenser with additional intervals. 6 mini-trays of high-quality plastic ball contain a daily feeding for larger dogs. Foobler runs on 3pcs of AAA batteries.


Why is it good to play with the ball?

Foobler is the perfect helper in setting up a diet plan. How? It's very easy. Foobler knows when it's time to offer food to your pet! The feeding takes place according to the schedule that you set in advance. Use the built-in timer to select the portion size and the necessary interval. At the specified time, the ball warns about the feeding time with a sound signal, then opens one of the sections with food. As soon as the dog shows curiosity - victory!



Foobler helps keep your pet healthy, for example, if he suffer from anxiety. Foobler distratakes his attention from worry to preferring fun! Are you worried about your dog's nutrition? Optimize his diet playfully to the game. Does it seem complicated? On the contrary! It will literally be a game!




In time your fluffy friend will realize that the food accidentally fall out of the hole. After this, the dog will just need to connect the hunting instinct, and the prey will turn to the appropriate position. There is absolutely no need to worry that the ball can be damage during the game. The ball is made of HDPE shell material, which is a high - strength plastic that is washable and harmless to health!




The game will reminds dogs about the natural conquest of prey. A full container about 1/2 cup of food (this is the normal of the whole day nutrition plan for dog). Full container will provide the dog feeding for up to 8 hours. Foobler runs on 3pcs of AAA batteries.



How to collect fun...

To open 6 separate mini boxes you need to unscrew the colored lid. Put only dry treats up to a max of 12.5 mm size in the necessary amount. Return the lid and turn it to the "locked" position. In the same way, remove the lid on the opposite side of the ball. The removable part has a timer for selecting the feed interval.

Before setting the timer, unscrew the lid on the bottom of the ball. Insert 2pcs of AA batteries and screw the cover again. Using the timer to select a feed interval for 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes according to your requirements. Put it in the original position and return to the "locked" position. The ball is ready! Just click the start button. A green light indicates the functionality of the ball.




What else can Foobler brings you...

Why is important to monitor your dog's activity? Veterinary clinics indicate an increasing percentage of dogs sick with obesity. Unfortunately, in 70 percent of dogs obesity was easily avoided. For example, do not neglect the low activity of the dog or do not give the dog excessive portions. Excessive portions often lead to bloating and abdominal pain. Foobler is a practical solution of the question. Dogs like to play with balls. With the smart Foobler ball, you are  achieved a great success! Choose a portion size and treat your dog to its gradual consumption. What more? You will provide your fluffy pet with healthy optimism from the game! An automatic ball will clearly bring him new impressions.



Main functions: 

  • Self-moving interactive toy lures a dog to play
  • 6 separate mini boxes for optimal portion size
  • The ability to select intervals for feeding the dog
  • Distracts the pet from anxiety, develops agility 
  • Durable, safe for health material
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Feeding schedule up to 8 hours
  • Diameter 12.1 cm


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Additional information


  • you determine the portion size, quantity, and time intervals yourself
  • you will take care of your pet even when you can't be nearby 
  • distracts the pet from anxiety, develops agility 
  • compatible for indoor and outdoor use
  • prevents obesity and health complications from eating excess portions of food
  • 8-hour operation mode
  • colorful design
  • high-strength plastic material
  • easy to clean


  • you will need to train your dog to the ball

 Package content

  • 1x smart ball Foobler
  • manual

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