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Tumble Small Pebble Puzzle, 11 cm

Treat Tumhle is a great interactive toy for beginner dog players of small and medium breeds, which is suitable for both home fun and frolicking in the garden! Fill the toy with your pet's favourite kibble or treats, put a stop to boredom and let your dog exercise their body and mind.

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Tumble Small Pebble Puzzle, 11 cm
Tumble Small Pebble…
11.01 €

Product description

The fun interactive dog toy Treat Tumble is a two-coloured plastic ball that can be filled with kibble or treats. Simply fill the toy with your favorite treat and leave everything else up to him. By nudging the ball with his nose and using his dexterous paws to move the ball without much effort, it will roll and thanks to this, the treats will gradually fall out as a reward for your clever solver. The puzzle exercises the body and mind, thanks to the solid material and easy-to-clean surface it can be used for home entertainment as well as frolicking in the garden. The diameter of the toy is 10 cm.

The puzzle prompts your dog to think of ways to get to his favourite treats and thus increases the dog's mental stimulation through fun and play. For fearful dogs, they increase self-confidence and help them relax. Treat tumble is perfect for rewarding and entertaining your pooch. 


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Size Extra small dogs, Small dogs, Mid-size dogs

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