Fotopast UOVision 535 Panda
Fotopast UOVision 535 PandaFotopast UOVision 535 Panda

Camera trap UOVision UV 535 Panda

This new premium masking camera trap from premium brands UOVision! Completely invisible exposure, simple operation, robust design. Camera trap UOVision UV 535 camera trap Panda is ideal for anyone who wants to monitor the movement of deer, but serve well as for asset monitoring. All camera traps from producer UOVision are in full Czech localization. In addition, models are produced in the "field gray" or "Real Tree" (for camouflage in nature).

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Camera trap UOVision UV 535 Panda

Latest camera trap against thieves who excels in unconventional appearance and quality parameters. He finds but also in the woods.

Camera trap UOVision 535 Panda is the leading masked camera trap with 1.5 "LCD display has completely invisible, yet highly effective IR light with a wavelength of 940 nm, hidden extra black curtain broadband PIR sensor that activates camera trap soon as an object enters the field of view lens. the menu is in English and, of course, is neatly divided into chapters, allowing you no longer need to adjust each parameter navigating through the menus. This camera trap image resolution 6MPx.

To ensure camera traps can order continuous cable lock, for which the body camera trap integrated girder.

Hunters - tracking game
Babysitting cottages
Watching a parked car
monitoring kit
Police - surveillance of landfills
Outdoor and indoor security in general

Benefits Handicaps
  • shutter speed 1,2sec
  • light 10-13 m
  • IR invisible
  • silent
  • foto and video

How does camera trap help you?

  • Camera trap is an excellent device for hunters, but also conservationists
  • Camera traps help you to capture wildlife or unwelcome animals/humans
  • By using camera traps you trace at what time the animals occur in a location you are monitoring


Technical features

Czech language yes
Dosvit 10 - 13 m
Rozhraní USB, SD, konektor pro externí zdroj
Programming LCD or through the created file on SD card
Napájení 8 ks. AA baterií - nouzově 4 ks.
Response speed 1,2 s
Max dosah PIR (člověk) 25°C 15 - 20 m
Externí paměťová jednotka SD až 16 GB
Lens F/NO: 3.0 FOV (angle of shots): 52°
Screen 1.5" LCD colore
Remote control Built inside the box
Photo + video no
Chiffonier Masked, opening
Video ANO
SMS controling NO
Photo Yes
Play video Only first shot
Osvětlení IR neviditelné
Thread for tripod yes
Prohlížení foto yes
PIR shot Celá plocha záběru(multizon.)

Package content

  • Camera trap
  • USB cable
  • Manual
  • Strap

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