Product authentication

Our company is the sole and official wholesale distributor of the brands Aetertek, Petrainer, E-collar, NumAxes, Eyenimal, iTrainer, Canicom, EasyPet, SportDog, PetSafe, Dogtra, Martin System, Garmin and Reedog in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Only with collars purchased from our network of these dealers, we are able to guarantee their authenticity of 100%, a full 2-year warranty, manual or customer service. We strongly advise you against buying from other than authorized dealers. It is possible that you buy products cheaper, but in most cases these are copies or products which are not intended for the Czech market - ie. Gray imports.

Certificates of individual brands that we represent.

Check your product, enter the 8-digit EAN code.


How do I know that the product is original?

1) Each product can be confirmed using the 8 digit code

2) On the outside of the box is bring into EAN code sticker dstribution and official logo authorized dealer.

3) The product price is suspiciously low compared to other vendors. Authorized dealers fact comply with the recommended retail price.

Is your product original?