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Invisible electronic fence d-fence 2002

The Dogtrace electronic invisible fence is a modern, highly efficient system that allows you to easily and quickly define the boundaries of the area in which your dog can move freely up to 2200 m. The d-fence electronic invisible fence system consists of a transmitter generator, a receiver and an antenna wire. The transmitting generator generates a signal to the antenna wire, which you use to demarcate the selected area with a warning and correction zone. The receiver attached to the dog's collar senses the signal propagating from the installed antenna wire and by means of an audible warning and then stimulating impulses, your dog will very quickly learn to respect the boundaries of the defined area. The number of dogs with the receiver attached to the collar is unlimited. The receiver is submersible and suitable for all dog breeds. 

The Dogtrace 2002 electronic invisible fence is available in white and black base colours. 

Electronic invisible fence d-fence 2002 - white and Electronic invisible fence d‑fence 2002 - black


The main functions:

  • Modern design and backlit display
  • Backup battery
  • Continuous and independent zone settings
  • Multilingual menu
  • Waterproof, submersible receiver
  • Receiver battery life up to 6 months
  • Non-contact magnetic switching of receiver modes
  • Functions: sound, light, vibration, pulse
  • For unlimited number of dogs
  • ISIT function - detects
  • Alert and correction zone
  • Very easy and quick installation


How will an electronic fence help you?

  • Prevents the dog from escaping from the garden
  • Scratching the dog under the fence
  • Jumping or skipping over the fence
  • Destroying garden greenery or flower beds
  • Dog running after people or animals


Antenna wire installation

The antenna wire must be connected to the base and form an unbroken closed circuit. Before installation, we recommend that you make a drawing of your property and mark the location of the antenna wire and the connection points on it. An antenna wire status indicator is shown on the main generator in the lower left corner.

  • The wire can be placed on the ground, buried in the ground, attached to a fence or wall
  • Wire with a cross section of 0.75 - 2.5 mm2 can be used for installation, depending on the length of the loop
  • The wire must not be stretched
  • It is recommended to insulate the connection points
  • Twisting wires around each other will cause signal interference
  • Make a circuit in the corners - do not break the wire at right angles
  • Wires next to each other must maintain a distance of 1.5 m


Zone settings

For the invisible fence, the correction and warning zones can be set. Both zones can be infinitely adjusted from 0 m to a minimum of 7 m. The maximum distance depends on the length and cross-section of the installed antenna wire. The zones can be set using the transmitter generator.

Leaving the alert zone: after approximately 8 seconds of continuous presence in the alert zone, your dog will be prompted to leave the zone with one short stimulation pulse. This cycle will repeat again after approximately 8 seconds until your dog leaves the alert zone.

Leaving the correction zone: if your dog stays in the correction zone for more than 10 seconds, the system will stop issuing stimulation pulses for safety reasons. The moment your dog leaves the correction zone, the whole cycle is restarted.


Backup battery

The back-up battery serves as a backup power source in case of mains power failure and is capable of supplying power to the transmitting generator for up to sixteen hours. This time depends on the length of the antenna wire installation, the size of the alert and correction zone settings. The base should be located away from water and moisture, water ingress could cause irreversible damage to the base.


Choice of contact points

Stainless steel contact points are used to ensure the transmission of stimulation impulses from the receiver to the dog's skin. The package contains two types - 12 and 17 mm. If your dog has short hair, use short contact points. If you have a dog with longer or thicker hair, choose the longer ones. Screw the contact points onto the receiver screws.

If your dog's coat is too long, it is possible to order contact points with a length of 21 mm from our e-shop.


For which dogs is it suitable

The dimensions of the D-Control Fence receiver are 64 x 43 x 34 mm with a weight of 60 g and the collar is adjustable in length from 20 - 72 cm. The D-Fence models are designed for small and medium to large dog breeds as there is always the option to adjust the size of the stimulation pulse.


Functionality testing

How to check the correct function of the stimulation pulse?

The correct function of the stimulus pulse command can be tested using the test lamp that is included in the package.

  • Make sure the receiver is switched off
  • Connect the test gag pins to both contact points - loosen the contact points, insert the gag pins underneath them so that they hold firmly and tighten the contact points again
  • Switch on the transmitter and receiver
  • Press the button for the stimulation pulse
  • As the level of the stimulation pulse increases, the test gag will increase in luminosity


Battery life

The D-control Fence base is powered by a 230 V/50 Hz, 15 V/300 mA adapter. The receiver is fitted with a CR2 3V battery and will last 3-6 months, depending on use. Batteries are included in the package, but you can purchase replacements in our shop. We recommend buying high quality Dogtrace or Energizer batteries. To check the battery status, there is an indicator LED - the LED on the d-fence.


For best results

  • Properly position the receiver under the dog's neck with the D-Fence sign facing the antenna wire
  • The collar with the receiver must be optimally tightened to ensure good contact between the electrodes and the dog's skin
  • You can check the correct functioning of the D-Fence at any time with a test lamp
  • Check the condition of the battery in the receiver, which affects its function
  • Check the electrodes on the receiver for proper tightening before each use



Do not use volatile substances such as thinners or petrol to clean the D-fence. The transmitting generator is not waterproof, so use with caution in wet environments, water can cause irreparable damage. Clean the receiver regularly with a damp cloth and dry it with a soft cloth. We recommend replacing the rubber seal in the receiver cap once a year to maintain watertightness. If you do not use the device for a month or more, it is recommended to remove the batteries.


Product photos


Technical parameters of the product

Here are the complete technical specifications for Invisible Fence d-fence 2002 from the manufacturer VNT Electronics.


    Transmitting generator


Model 2002

for installations up to 2200 m

Warning/Correction Zone

0 to at least 7 m


30V/50 Hz, 15 V/300 mA


not waterproof

Operating temperature




Operating temperature

–10 °C to +50 °C


116 x 156 x 35 mm

Backup power supply 

9,6V battery





CR2 3V lithium battery

Battery life

6 months depending on use


64 x 43 x 34 mm


60 g

Adjustable length

20 to 70 cm

Operating temperature

–10 °C to +50 °C


waterproof, submersible

Number of stimulation pulse levels



Advantages and disadvantages - Invisible fence d-fence 2002

Production and service in the Czech Republic, extended warranty 3 years    
Submersible receiver    
Separate button for each function    
For unlimited number of dogs    
Backlit LCD display    
Multi-language menu    
Warning / Correction Zone    
Long battery life    


Package contents

  • Base
  • Receiver with collar
  • Electrodes 12, 17 mm
  • Lithium battery CR2 3 V
  • 9.6 V backup battery
  • Magnet with lanyard
  • Power adapter
  • Test lamp
  • Antenna connector
  • 2x wire connector
  • 2x dowels for fixing the generator to the wall
  • 2x screws for fixing the generator to the wall
  • 100 metres of wire with a cross section of 0.75 mm2
  • Instructions