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Antiparasite pipettes

You know, boy enthusiastically flies walking in the woods, you are overjoyed, and then his home ... You will see fur and fur is full of ticks. Enjoy carefree strolls in the country and prevent such suffering. Antiparasitic pipettes not only protects the dog from ticks, but also against fleas, mosquitoes and other parasites.

Pipettes are suitable for puppies and pregnant females. Also make sure that you have not only a healthy dog, but also a clean and comfortable home!


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Antiparazitní pipety pro psa Menforsan 2ks

Anti-insects spot on for dogs

In stock > 10 pcs 03. 12. at Yours
Natural product brand Menforsan. Pipette provides protection against insect infestation. It contains extracts of…
6 €
Advantage 80 10% 4x0,8ml pro kočky nad 4kg

Advantage 80 10% 4x0,8ml for cats over 4kg

In stock 2 pcs 03. 12. at Yours
Antiparasitic Pipettes for Cats Advantage . Prevention and treatment of cat flea infestation. One treatment protects…
31 €

Category "Antiparasite pipettes"

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