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PETKIT Fresh element Gemini food dispenser for dogs and cats

Take care of your pet's healthy eating habits! The PetKit Fresh Element Gemini is an intelligent food dispenser with a clever design and an innovative 2l and 3l double hopper. The state-of-the-art solution keeps food fresh and prevents clogging in the hopper. A transparent indicator lets you know how much feed is in the tank. You can control the device from the smart app or manually and disassembly and cleaning will not be a problem for you.

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Product code: P53847
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

How many times have your pet's bowls been empty? Now there is a reliable solution, the Petkit Fresh Element Gemini is the latest food dispenser that offers plenty of options. Designed with an innovative double hopper that can store and dispense different sizes of pet food, you never have to worry about giving your pet food at the wrong time. The patented dual food distribution mechanism ensures that food is dispensed evenly and at the correct rate, ensuring consistent feeding times. If food ever gets stuck in this product, you don't have to worry because it is designed to ensure that no matter the size or shape of the kibble, it will always flow freely and smoothly.

Thoughtful device design

The Petkit Fresh Element Gemini dispenser has a modern and very sophisticated design. The food tank is divided into 2 parts and the total capacity is 5 litres, which is sufficient for feeding cats up to 30 days old. The product is divided into 2 chambers: one with a capacity of 2 litres and the other with a capacity of 3 litres. In addition, it is equipped with a dehumidifier that prevents the food from getting moldy, so that the food always stays fresh and fresh. Prepare your pet's own nutritious meals for a richer and healthier diet, or add extra supplements or snacks for your picky pet and divide it into individual chambers. The dispenser has a clear indicator so you'll know when to refill the food in each container. The long and wide stainless steel food bowl is health-safe and large enough for two cats to eat at the same time without feeling overcrowded. In addition, it is equipped with a special child-proof lid lock.

Modern dispenser solution

The dispenser is equipped with special paddles that rotate clockwise so that food is dispensed at regular intervals. What's more, the 4-stage system prevents clogging of the food in the tank. In addition, the Fresh Element Gemini is suitable for a variety of feed types that do not exceed 12 mm in diameter.


Control via app

Download the free PetKit app to access practical functions and settings. Use it to customize your meal portions - up to 10 servings per meal and up to 30 meals per day. What's more, the app allows you to create schedules to further customize the device to your pet's habits. From its level, you can also set additional feeding portions and monitor your pet's health. You'll also be alerted when there's no food in the pantry or the desiccant needs to be replaced.

  • Feed your pet anytime, anywhere
  • Customize a personalized feeding schedule
  • Check the power status of the device
  • Alert for food shortage
  • Remote manual feeding

Efficient power supply

The device is equipped with an efficient power system, a backup power supply ensures that feeding will continue as scheduled during a power outage or without an internet connection. Your pets will never be short of food when you are not at home. The emergency power supply provides 15 servings of food per day for approximately 180 days (in power saving mode). The battery backup power supply operates on 4x D batteries.



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Colour White
Size Extra small dogs, For cats, Small dogs
Dimension 36,2 x 29,3 x 24 cm
Material ABS, stainless steel
Power Power Adapter + Backup Power Supply
Weight 2.3kg

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Additional information


  • 2 large feed bins in one device
  • Feed your pets easily and from anywhere
  • Control automatically or manually at the touch of a button
  • Internal anti-tamper mechanism
  • App compatible for your Android or iOS
  • 3-layer freshness lock technology
  • Easy to assemble and clean every corner
  • Safety lock, prevents accidental touching of the button
  • Continuous feeding even during power failure and WiFi disconnection


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 Package content

  • PETKIT Fresh Element Gemini dog and cat food dispenser
  • Power cord
  • Manual

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