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Menforsan gentle shampoo for cats, 300 ml

A premium shampoo for cats with a very mild special formula that nourishes, softens, and protects the coat, keeping it shiny and silky. It facilitates styling and reduces static electricity during the brushing process. Recommended for all breeds, especially for frequent washing of show cats and long and thick exotic coats (angora, Persian). Volume 300 ml. 

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Product description

Specially formulated Menforsan gentle natural shampoo for cats with an exceptional formula for coat and skin care. After its application, your cat's coat is shinier due to the pearl and collagen integrated into its formula. Its pH is balanced, the coat is shiny and silky after application, and it facilitates hair styling. It is recommended for all cat breeds and is particularly suitable for frequent washing of show cats.

How to use: Place the cat in the sink or the bath. Wet completely, avoiding the eyes and ears, very gently so as not to panic. Apply shampoo and spread it all over the body, especially on the tail, legs, and belly. Later rinse and wrap in a towel to remove excess water. Blow dry with a hot air dryer, if tolerated, and brush out.

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Additional information


  • Neutral pH
  • Very mild surfactants
  • Contains natural collagen
  • Facilitates brushing
  • Biodegradable


  • None

Package contents

  • Menforsan very mild shampoo for cats, 300 ml

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