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Waterproof collars

We have prepared a category where you will find the distribution of electronic training collars according their waterproofs. Choose a waterproof or water-resistant electronic training collar and start training your dog today.


Electronic training collars to help in the education of tens of thousands of dogs breeders worldwide. Used by beginning dog owners and experienced cynologists. The principle of electronic training collars is simple. For example, if your dog is constantly running in the woods and does not respond to the call via the electronic collar, which is an essential part of the receiver is placed on the collar and transmitter, which has a trainer in hand. Training collars have usually several levels broadcast signals - sound, vibration and electrostatic, admonishes him easily from a distance. Because dogs very quickly understand the sequence of signals it is usually enough to point a vibration or sound. The advantage is that in a similar situation can react immediately and the dog to "punish" and thus distance. This naturally has a completely different effect than when the dog catches up after half an hour and will punish him then.

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The best-selling products

Reedog VS8

Reedog VS8

The Reedog VS8 training collar has sound correction, vibration and amplified vibration functions.…
On the way 91 pcs
58.96 €
Canicom 800

Canicom 800

Universal electric training collar for every dog breed and kinds of trainings for one dog only.…
In stock 6 pcs
197.43 €
Dogtrace d-control 1000

Dogtrace d-control 1000

Electronic training collar for all dogs Dogtrace d-control 1000 offers sound correction, 30 levels…
193.48 €
Canicom 200

Canicom 200

Advantage of electric training collars CANICOM 200 is his very small and light controler without…
In stock 2 pcs
130.17 €
E-Collar Educator ET-400

E-Collar Educator ET-400

Ecollar is an American training collar with a reach of 1,200 meters, with which you can train all…
On the way 1 pcs
474.39 €

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