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How to shop


Do you want to return the goods?

You can back out of the contract within 14 days (for electronic collars and fences apply 30 days). Products send to Reedog s.r.o., Sedmidomky 459/8, Prague 10, 101 00 Czech Republic. In the event that the goods will be returned incomplete, damaged or visibly worn, cannot apply for compensation.


How to claim the goods?

Please, defective goods send to our address with copy of receipt, your phone number and description of problems.


When I get back money for returned goods?

We return the money within the statutory period of 14 days from day of the receiving the goods.






What does delivery 3-5 days means?

The goods whit this delivery date, we don´t have physically in stock. Most of these goods, we are able to send in the time without any problem. In case you want to verify the delivery date, please call us. 


Do you want to change the order, the method of payment or delivery, or cancel the order?

Changes and cancellations done by phone or email. Likewise, the addition or removal of goods. To change the method of delivery or payment please use also helpline or email.





Are you from another EU member state and want to buy without VAT? 

If you are registered for VAT in another EU country,  in order to fill in your VAT number, order and shipment to a foreign address. This fact (minus the VAT) tell us more in the comments (or by telephone).