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Dogtrace D-mute ONE: An effective and gentle way to control barking

Dog barking can often be a challenge for owners, especially if you live near neighbors or have sensitive surroundings. Dogtrace D-mute ONE is an anti-barking collar that promises effective control over your dog's barking, all without unnecessary discomfort for your pet. The collar is designed specifically for the needs of the smallest breeds of dogs weighing from 2.5 kg. Here we look at how it is used and what are its benefits.

How to use Dogtrace D-mute ONE:

Dogtrace D-mute ONE is designed to be simple to use. The collar recognizes barking thanks to the vibrations of the dog's vocal cords, which ensures that it is activated only when the dog wearing the collar barks. This minimizes the risk of incorrect reaction to sounds from the environment. As soon as it detects barking, a sound or gentle static correction is activated to attract the dog's attention and help it stop barking.

Before first use, it is important to carefully adjust the collar so that it is secure and comfortable. The collar must be adjusted according to the size of your dog.

You can also set the sensitivity of the barking detection and the level of the electrostatic impulse. When barking, the strength of the electrostatic impulse gradually increases until the dog stops barking. The collar also allows you to switch the device to purely sound notification mode.

Advantages of Dogtrace D-mute ONE:

  1. Safety and comfort: D-mute ONE was designed with the safety and comfort of the dog in mind. Small and light collar designed for small dog breeds from 2.5 kg. Corrections are mild enough to avoid trauma or unpleasant experiences for the dog
  2. Adjustability: D-mute ONE is suitable for different sizes and breeds of small dogs, thanks to the possibility of adjusting the size of the collar and the levels of sound and impulse correction. With the possibility of using only sound correction.
  3. Long battery life: The collar has a rechargeable Li-Pol battery with a long life of up to 3 months.
  4. Waterproof: The collar comes with a fully waterproof and submersible receiver. You can use it in rain or snow, and the dog can dive into the water with it.
  5. Ease of use: The collar is simple to set up and use. The bark detection sensitivity and electrostatic impulse level can be conveniently adjusted using a magnet.


Dogtrace D-mute ONE provides a safe and effective way to control barking for small dogs, allowing owners to achieve peaceful coexistence with their pets and their surroundings.

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