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Interactive toy Cheerble Wicked Mouse - to cheer up your cat

Every cat owner knows that a happy and active cat is a happy cat. One innovative product on the market that can provide your cat with hours of fun and exercise is the Cheerble Wicked Mouse. This toy brings a new dimension of interactive play for your furry friend.

The Cheerble Wicked Mouse is an interactive toy that is specially designed to provide your feline friend with hours of great entertainment. This clever toy offers two different play modes to add variety to your cat's hunting adventures while simulating the realistic movements that cats love. With an improved design and long-lasting battery, you can rest assured that your cat will be able to engage in his favorite game without interruption.

Perfect entertainment

When your cat is bored and has no activity, it can start to get restless. The Wicked Mouse toy will help you avoid this! Just press the button hidden in the nose of the mouse and the device will automatically start moving and running away from your pet. The product uses an intelligent algorithm that makes it change direction on its own, and when it hits an obstacle like a wall or furniture, it jumps off and rolls in another direction. No need to worry about it getting stuck somewhere and ruining your pet's fun!


Well thought out design

Probably every cat owner knows that these unique pets love to hunt. The Wicked Mouse toy was designed to satisfy your pet's hunting needs. Its shape resembles a mouse and it features a tail with flashing RGB lighting. This makes it even better at catching your pet's attention and encouraging them to go on the chase! Moreover, the device has been created from environmentally safe and durable materials - your pet's teeth and claws won't scare it away!

Intelligent operation

The device is designed to give your cat plenty of time to play and rest. Wicked Mouse first works for 10 minutes and then goes into sleep mode. However, it can be reactivated at any time - the cat just needs to touch it with his nose or paw, for example. Thanks to this solution, you can be sure that your pet won't get tired and won't tire of the toy too quickly.

Built-in rechargeable battery

You don't have to buy batteries for your pet's toys and waste money on them. Wicked Mouse comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery - simply charge it with the included micro USB cable. It will only take about an hour! A fully charged device can give your cat about 40 minutes of play time. So you don't need to charge it too often. Ensure that your pet always has a great time and rest assured that he won't get bored!


  • Realistic mouse movement
  • Colored LED light tail
  • Hunt and rest cycle
  • Automatic reset when rolled over
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Rechargeable


Cheerble Wicked Mouse has become a popular choice among cat owners who want to provide their pets with an active and fun experience. With its innovative design, interactive features and safe design, this toy has become a great addition to households with cats. Not only does it provide physical activity, but it also promotes mental stimulation, which is key for happy and healthy cats.

Remember, when choosing toys for your cats, it is always important to monitor how they react to them and ensure they are safe to use.