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Modern Dogtrace D-Mute anti-bark collars

Dogtrace is a Czech manufacturer of electronic training collars and other dog training aids. The company is an experienced player on the market, its origins date back to 2004.Main products include d-control training collars, GPS collars, anti-bark collars. With extensive experience and production control, Dogtrace products are reliable and guaranteed to work properly. Today we will focus on the segment of anti-bark collars, i.e. the D-Mute range.

The d-mute electronic anti-bark collars are a safe and effective way to eliminate excessive barking in your dog. If your dog barks when left alone at home, or his annoying barking wakes up the whole neighborhood at night, this is the solution for you. An electronic collar will reduce excessive barking and relieve you and your dog of stress.

We adapt the anti-bark collar to the size and sensitivity of your dog. If you have a small or medium sized dog, choose from d-mute small or d-mute light collars, if your dog is larger or less sensitive, choose d-mute light or d mute. The collars are pre-set to the appropriate strength. The effect of the collar must not be painful, for the correction to be effective it is sufficient that the stimulus is unpleasant but not painful. The dog will quickly understand the relationship between the unpleasant correction and barking and as a result will reduce excessive barking.

Remember that the anti-bark collar is basically fully automatic. Therefore, it is important to choose a quality product. Once fitted, the dog is usually left alone in the house or garden and the collar should not be mistaken. A very important feature is the vocal cord vibration sensor. This is an element that is particularly precisely developed in Dogtrace collars. The bark detection sensor must be sensitive enough to switch on at the right moment, i.e. at the moment of barking. There must be no accidental activation, e.g. during a jump. In addition, the sensitivity of the bark detection is adjustable in Dogtrace collars. Usually the factory setting is the ideal sensitivity, in individual cases it can be changed. You can increase or decrease the bark sensitivity. If you increase the sensitivity, the collar will activate more easily, if you decrease the sensitivity, louder barking will be required to activate the collar. The most important feature of the bark detection sensor in Dogtrace collars is activation based on vocal cord movement. Unlike many other collars, this collar does not activate in response to the barking of another dog in the area or any other loud sound!

You are wondering whether the collar will be too strong or too weak for your dog. Dogtrace has taken care of that too. As we mentioned at the beginning, there are 4 models available for dogs of different sizes. You choose a collar pre-set in terms of corrective strength for your dog. The collar, on the other hand, gives you the option of adjusting the extra correction force. The collar has a total of five bark correction modes to choose from: an audible signal, three levels of electrical stimulation - light, medium, strong. In addition, a stimulation mode with increasing intensity in five levels. In the increasing intensity mode, five levels are available. The fourth and fifth levels are stronger than the strong level in the non-increasing stimulation mode. You change the power levels using the magnet included in the kit. The wide range of levels ensures high efficiency while maintaining maximum safety. Another advantage is the low weight of the device The d-mute small and d-mute small light versions weigh just 50 g. The medium and large versions weigh 67 g, ensuring they are very comfortable for your dog to use.

Dogtrace collars can be used indoors or outdoors. The collars are waterproof and don't mind the rain. To keep them waterproof as long as possible, we recommend changing the rubber seal under the cover regularly, such a seal change is recommended once a year. Even sub-zero temperatures do not interfere with operation, the collar can be used at temperatures from -10 to +50 degrees. At lower temperatures we recommend inserting a new battery, you can also increase the stimulation level by 1 or 2 to maintain performance.

With many collars from other manufacturers, the long hair of the dog is a problem. Dogtrace has cleverly solved this problem by giving you a choice of short or long electrodes, which you will find in the package. If your dog has short hair, install the short contacts, if it is thick and long, choose the longer electrodes. Be sure to tighten the collar as tightly as possible to ensure direct contact of the electrodes with your dog's skin.

Conclusion: dogtrace is ideal for dogs of all breeds and sizes. If you have a petite or small dog, choose the d-mute small or d-mute small light series. For a medium or large dog, the d-mute light collar will be suitable, while the d-mute model is for the largest and very temperamental dogs. The wide range of adjustability makes Dogtrace collars a great choice for your dog, and the ease of adjustment is an added benefit.