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The neighbor's dog won't let us sleep, he is constantly barking and howling. How to defend yourself?

You wake up on a Saturday morning to enjoy the warm sunshine and the taste of your favorite coffee or tea, or you come back tired after work, want to relax on the terrace, or take a nap and all you hear is the constant barking of your neighbor's dog.

The optimal solution is to alert your neighbor to the barking. When dealing with any problems with neighbors - including excessive dog barking - communication is key. The reasons for excessive and loud barking can vary. Dogs bark for many reasons, including boredom, anxiety, territorial behavior, or communication. Take a few minutes each day to observe and note when and why the dog barks. Once you point out to a neighbor what may be causing the problem, you may find that the barking stops.

You have spoken to your neighbor and.... the dog's barking still persists, you may recommend seeking professional help or enrolling the dog in a training course. There is a chance that the dog will reduce the barking, and it will take time and commitment on the part of the dog owner. You may also suggest purchasing an anti-barking collar. If these suggestions are not met with enthusiasm, you will have to act on your own. Then the anti-bark units from Goodlife DogSilencer Max and Bark Pro come to the rescue.

The anti-bark unit is a device that looks like a small radio. It is placed in a spot in the garden with a direct view of the barking dog. The strongest station works up to a distance of 90 meters! The station has a built-in microphone that picks up the barking of the dog. In response to the barking, it emits an ultrasonic sound that dogs don't like. Every time a dog barks, the Dog Silencer MAX unit emits a powerful, high-frequency sound. This sound is very unpleasant for dogs, much like nails hitting a chalkboard. Most dogs learn fairly quickly that if they are quiet, they may no longer hear this unpleasant sound. The dog will quickly begin to understand the connection between his barking and the unpleasant sounds. As a result, the barking will stop.

DogSilencer Max automatically detects barking dogs at 30 meters and responds effectively at distances up to 100 meters. If the barking dog is at a greater distance, it may be necessary to activate the unit with the remote control included in the package. It is waterproof, but to extend the life of the DogSilencer MAX, use it in a location protected from heavy rain or direct sunlight. Will it work over fences, walls, windows, or bushes? Remember that the ultrasound emitted by the DogSilencer does not penetrate any solid objects such as wooden fences, windows, walls, or dense bushes. A thinner hedge is no problem for the unit, it will work without any problems. The device is mainly powered via a power adapter or you can use batteries. For best results, we recommend using the included power adapter, especially in the early stages of training when the dog will be barking more. Battery life varies depending on the weather, the quality of the batteries used, and the frequency of activation of the unit.

The second, alternative solution is the Bark Pro anti-bark unit. The principle of operation is the same as for the DogSilencer, the difference is a different bark detection distance and maximum range. It limits barking to a distance of up to 45 meters. The Bark Control Pro anti-bark unit can detect dogs barking up to 15.5 meters away. For dogs that are further than 15.5 meters, a remote control can be used. The remote control can be activated manually by pressing a button from inside the house, car, or even in your pocket.

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