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DogSilencer MAX Bark Control GoodLife

The DogSilencer MAX ultrasonic barking box is one of the best sellers on the market and has a maximum range of up to 100 meters and a 40% louder sound than its predecessor DogSilencer. The anti-bark alarm detects dogs barking at a distance of 30 meters, or you can activate the device with the remote control. The booth has three levels of intensity and is powered by an AC adapter or battery. It is suitable for outdoor use, waterproof, and weatherproof.

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181.79 € 150.23 € without VAT
Product code: P6456
Warranty: 24 months

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Product description

Tip: New colorful covers!

The DogSilencer MAX ultrasonic barking box is one of the best sellers on the market and has a maximum range of up to 100 meters and a 40% louder sound than its predecessor DogSilencer. If the kennel is within range of a barking dog, the internal microphone picks up the sound and the device automatically activates. The box works on the principle of ultrasound ( i.e. high-frequency sound), which is only heard by dogs and is inaudible to most people. Startled by the high-pitched sound, which is safe and effective, the dog will stop barking and the ultrasonic tone will turn off. The DogSilencer has 3 levels of intensity ( low, medium, and high + test mode) which you simply adjust by turning the dial on the side of the box. The anti-bark booth is effective at a distance of 100 meters and detects dogs barking at a distance of 30 meters. For cases where the dog is further than 30 meters away, the box can be activated by remote control. The DogSilencer is powered by a mains adapter or 6x AA batteries, which last 4-5 weeks in operation. The remote control is equipped with a CR2032 battery. The device is designed for outdoor use and is weatherproof and waterproof with an IPX4 rating. You can use the DogSilncer tree/wall clip to mount the anti-bark booth on a tree or wall and point the speaker to the problem area.



What is ultrasonic sound?

Ultrasonic sounds are frequencies that are higher than the range of human hearing. This makes them a safe and effective tool for dog training. However, the sound from the Dog Silencer does not pass through walls or around corners. If the dog is near an anti-bark booth it is possible to adjust the microphone sensitivity and pick up the howling or even whining of the dog. 

We do not recommend using the Dog Silencer with puppies under one year of age.

Basic features:

  • Uses ultrasound to reduce unwanted barking

  • Durable and weatherproof for outdoor use 

  • Box has a maximum range of up to 100 meters

  • Detects barking up to about 40 and triggers automatically, beyond that distance controlled by a remote control

  • The device is waterproof with an IPX4 rating

  • The box offers three levels of ultrasonic intensity

  • The DogSilencer is powered by 6x AA batteries or via mains adapter (included)

  • The remote control is equipped with a CR2032 battery

  • Suitable for all sizes and breeds of dogs

  • Dimensions: 13.3 cm x 10.8 cm x 4.6 cm, weight: 0.45 kg

  • New DogSilencer color covers!

Possible uses for the anti-bark booth:

  • Stopping your dog from barking
  • Stopping your neighbour's dog from barking
  • Training puppies not to bark


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Functions Ultrasound
Detection voice
Adjustable sensitivy no
Size Small dogs, Large dogs, Mid-size dogs
Waterproofing Waterproof
Power Network adapter, Batteries
Weight of the receiver 0,45 g
Dimension of the receiver 13,3 x 10,8 x 4,6 cm

Downloading Instructions

Additional information


  • The most powerful and effective ultrasonic device on the market
  • For outdoor use
  • Suitable for all breeds of dogs
  • It can be mounted on a tree or wall
  • Range up to 100 metres
  • Remote control
  • Works quietly and discreetly using ultrasound
  • It can be used for multiple dogs at once
  • 3 intensity levels


  • Higher purchase price
  • Ultrasound correction may not work on all dogs
  • Not suitable for puppies under one-year-old
  • Ultrasound does not pass through walls or around corners

Package contents

  • Anti-bark box
  • Mains adaptor
  • Remote transmitter
  • CZ and EN instructions

Anti-bark collars

How does the collar help you?

  • Reduces unwanted barking, howling and whining of dogs in the apartment or garden in your absence
  • Eliminate inappropriate dog behaviour - barking at people, cars, bikes, animals and various objects
  • Eliminating the barking or howling of your neighbour's dogs
  • Help your dog understand the inappropriateness of barking and calm down with other activities
  • You don't have to give up your pet dog or shut it down unnecessarily because of disturbing barking.
  • Eliminates the cause of neighborly arguments over dog barking
  • Unlearn dog barking with respect to its size and age.

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