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The new Reedog VS8 training collar

Dog training collars: Modern tools for effective training and safe behavior control

In recent years, more and more dog owners are turning to modern technologies for better training and behavior management of their furry friends. One such useful tool is the training collar, which offers a wide range of functions for training and safely guiding the dog. In this article, we will focus on a specific training collar, the Reedog VS8 brand, its functions, and its proper use.

How do training collars work?

A training collar is a device designed to provide various cues or stimulations to help educate and train a dog. There are two main categories of stimulation: electronic and vibration. Electronic stimulations are usually gentle electrical impulses that can be adjusted according to the dog's sensitivity. Vibration stimulation then creates vibrations that can be perceived as unpleasant by the dog.

The advantages of a vibration collar compared to an electric one

·        A painless alternative: Vibrating collars offer a painless alternative, which can be ideal for owners who prefer a gentler training method.

·        Suitable for sensitive dogs: Some dogs may react negatively to electrostatic stimulation while vibrating collars are generally less invasive and suitable for dogs with higher sensitivity.

·        Wider acceptance by owners: Vibrating collars tend to be better accepted by owners who are concerned about using electrostatic stimulation.

Reedog VS8

The Reedog VS8 training collar is a training collar with vibration and various levels of sound correction. The transmitter can be paired with up to 2 receivers, so the Reedog VS8 is suitable for up to two dogs. A comfortable and stylish radio that fits in your hand is equipped with a cord so that it does not fall out of your hand. A modern LED screen displays a large number of functions. The keys can be easily locked to prevent accidental presses. The dog collar is comfortable thanks to the soft material, and the minimalistic receiver on the collar is easy to wear.

Water resistance

The training collar meets the IXP6 standard, which ensures the waterproofness of the product. However, the product is not suitable for diving. During charging, it must be in a dry place to prevent water from entering the body of the product through the USB port.

Weight and dimensions

The transmitter is 3.7 cm wide and 15 cm high, so it fits perfectly in your hand. It weighs 100 grams. In addition, it won't fall out of your hand thanks to the cord. The receiver measures 5.5cm in width, 2cm in depth, and 3cm in height. The receiver weight is 180 grams.


Training collars can be an effective tool for training and managing a dog's behavior if used responsibly and with consideration for the individuality of each animal. Modern technology offers dog owners a wide range of possibilities to achieve a harmonious and safe coexistence with their four-legged friends.

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