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Toys for dogs

What toy to get a dog

  • Choose the appropriate toy according to the age of your dog. Puppy and senior dog will be happy with a toy made of soft material. An adult dog will enjoy a tug-of-war rope or an interactive toy that hides a treat thanks to its strong jaw.
  • The breed of the dog will give you a clue when choosing a toy. Toys for small breeds are adapted to their small jaws. For large breeds, choose a toy made of a durable material that can withstand their strong teeth.
  • Make sure you choose the right material. If you opt for a plush toy, make sure it is really designed for dogs. Ordinary children's stuffed animals would be easily chewed by a dog. Rubber toys tend to be very durable and gentle on the dog's teeth.
  • Bet on safety. Every dog will love the athletic toys, balls and tug-of-war knots, especially because you are part of the fun.