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Replacement filters Petkit 3.0 (5pcs)

Replacement filters for dog and cat fountain Petkit Eversweet 2, Eversweet 2S, Eversweet 3, Eversweet PRO, Eversweet 5 Mini, Eversweet ceramic 2, Eversweet Solo, Eversweet Solo 2. 

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Product code: P53021
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

Replacement filters for dog and cat fountain:

  • Petkit Eversweet 2
  • Eversweet 2S
  • Eversweet 3
  • Eversweet PRO
  • Eversweet 5 Mini
  • Eversweet ceramic 2
  • Eversweet Solo
  • Eversweet Solo 2

We recommend a filter change time of 30-60 days, as indicated by the filter indicator light on the Petkit fountain or in the Petkit mobile app. 

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Package content

  • Replacement filters Petkit 3.0 (5pcs)


How will the fountain help you?

  • A good drinking regime means reducing the risk of urinary sand and stones
  • Encourages all pets to have sufficient fluid intake
  • Provides your pets with water of the quality they need, that is, free of hair, food debris and other impurities.
  • Prevents tipped bowls, water puddles and empty water bowls
  • Contributes to a better aesthetic impression of the environment
  • Builds healthy condition and prevents obesity, kidney and other serious diseases

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