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Patpet 772S

Anti-barking collar Patpet 772 S uses sound, vibration and electric impulse. Sensitivity for the barking can be set on one of the 7 levels. This way, you decide which intensity of barking has to be stopped by the collar. It is also suitable for correcting of the extenstive howling of your dog. The collar allows you to turn the impulse off and only use sound and vibration. Patpet 772 S is waterproof, so the mild rain shouldn't bother you.  


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Product code: P11950
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

Anti-barking collar Patpet 772 S uses sound, vibration and electric impulse as a correction. Sensitivity for the barking can be set on the scale of 7 levels. You determine which intensity of barking is too loud and has to be stopped with a help of the collar. Thanks to this, the collar can be set for all different types of dogs. Patpet 772 S allows to turn the impulse off and use only sound and vibration. You can use the correction in the following combinations: sound only, sound + vibration, sound + impulse, sound + vibration + impulse. Patpet 772 S is waterproof, you can use it in mild rainy without any worries. Do not submerged it and do not use it in the water. Collar is light-weight (only 70 grams) and thanks to accessible buttons it is easy to use. It is rechargeable and after being fully charged the battery will last up to 14 days.



How does the Patpet 772 S work

If the dog overreaches the set intensity of barking, the sensor will notice such level of noise and the device will launch the corrections in accordance to your setting. We recommend to use sound as a first level of correction. In case your dog does not respond to the sound, a vibration follows (the device on the collar starts to vibrate) and only after that follows the electric impulse. Correction by the impulse shouldn't be used for the very small dogs. Antibarking collar Patpet 772 S is provided with a security lock: if the dog launches the correction 7 times within 1 minute, the device turns automatically into the Stand By mode. The collar lets you know that it is on by flashing 7 times in a row. 



Barking detection 

Patpet 772 S is provided with a sensitivity that can be set on 7 levels. If you set high sensitivity level, the collar with correct the dog even when the barking is low. You decide, which level of barking is too much and needs to be stopped. Thanks to the sensitivity levels, the collar is suitable for most of the dog breeds. The collar also helps with excessive howling of your dog. 


Correction type

Anti barking collar Patpet 772 S has three types of corrections with an option to combine these: sound only, sound + vibration, sound + electric impulse, sound + vibration + electric impulse. In case you want to, you can turn the sound off. 


Collar settings 

Intensity of the vibration or electric impulse can be set on 7 levels. The collar has the barking-detection feature that is also suitable for howling. Out of 7 levels of the vibration and impulse, you can easily choose the one suitable for your dog. The collar is appropriate for small, medium and large breeds. All features can be controlled by the buttons, and all the settings can be checked on the mini display of the device.


Battery and charging

The device comes with integrated rechargeable accumulator with capacity of 280 mAh. When fully charged, the battery should last up to 14 days.




Patpet 772 S is waterproof and is suitable for rainy weather. It is not watertight, though and it cannot be submerged into the water or exposed to strong and intense rain.



The collar is suitable for all dog breeds and sizes. Without any worries, you can use it for your small, medium or large dog. All adjustable settings such as detection sensitivity and correction intensity can be set according to the size and temperament of the dog.  


Collar length 

The device comes with a firm nylon collar that is adjustable and comfortable to wear. It can be set according to the size of your dog. The maximum length of the collar is 74 cm. The device can be easily attached to the collar.


Weight and dimensions

 The collar against barking is very small: 6,3 cm x 3,8 cm x 2,4 cm (width, height, depth) and is ergonomically shaped. Its weight is only 70 g.





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Functions Impulse, Vibration, Sound
Detection combined
Adjustable sensitivy yes
Size Small dogs, Large dogs, Mid-size dogs
Waterproofing Waterproof
Power USB charging
Collar length 20 - 74 cm
Receiver endurance 14 days
Battery in the receiver 280 mAh
Sound level 7 levels
Vibration level 7 levels
Pulse level 7 levels
Weight of the receiver 70 g
Dimension of the receiver 6,3 x 3,8 x 2,4 cm

Downloading Instructions

Additional information


  • Possibility to use sound, vibration, and impulse correction
  • Possibility to skip the impulse
  • Adjustable correction intensity (7 levels)
  • Sensitivity to barking at 7 levels
  • Waterproof properties for use in the rain 
  • Easy to operate
  • For all dog sizes
  • High endurance, after recharging


  • Does not have water resistance to be submerged

 Package content

  • 1x Petpet 772 S device 
  • 1x adjustable nylon collar
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x manual
  • 1x test lamp

Anti-bark collars

How does the collar help you?

  • Reduces unwanted barking, howling and whining of dogs in the apartment or garden in your absence
  • Eliminate inappropriate dog behaviour - barking at people, cars, bikes, animals and various objects
  • Eliminating the barking or howling of your neighbour's dogs
  • Help your dog understand the inappropriateness of barking and calm down with other activities
  • You don't have to give up your pet dog or shut it down unnecessarily because of disturbing barking.
  • Eliminates the cause of neighborly arguments over dog barking
  • Unlearn dog barking with respect to its size and age.

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