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Petkit Pura X automatic self-cleaning litter box for cats + FREE gift with purchase

The Petkit Pura X is a brilliant self-cleaning cat litter box with a modern design and clever features. The automatic cleaning system will rid your home of odors once and for all. It is suitable for all ages and breeds of cats. Pura X can be used for a multi-cat household, has smart LED alerts, and is controlled via a free mobile app on your smartphone. 

+ FREE waste bags for PURA X! 


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444.22 € 367.12 € without VAT
Product code: P54804
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

The cleaning process starts as soon as the intelligent sensors inside the toilet detect a cat leaving the toilet and roll the soiled litter into the litter bag. A special filter screen inside the toilet separates the soiled litter from the clean litter in the internal cylinder. Once the soiled litter is separated, it goes into a prepared bag in the waste box while the internal roller rotates. The built-in concentrate sprays a pleasant aroma over the waste box to eliminate the odor at its source. If the waste bin inside the unit is full, you'll receive a notification on your phone and a smart LED indicator on the unit will light up. If the toilet is full, simply slide out the bottom of the toilet, remove the bag of soiled manure, and discard it. The Pura X Toilet can be used in families with more than one cat and for cats of all ages and breeds up to 16 kg. The litter box can be filled with up to 7 liters of litter at a time and cleaned at least once a week. 



– Device size: 504mm x532mm x646mm
– Internal size: 459mm x 420mm
– Materials: ABS
– Connections: 2.4GHz WiFi + Bluetooth
– Recommended Cat litter: 5L



Smart mobile app

The PETKIT smart app will alert you to cat activity in the litter box, missing litter, an overflowing litter box, or the need to refill liquids. With the app on your smartphone, you'll be in control of what's going on in your pet's litter box. Download the app from the App Store and Google Play.


The mat in front of the toilet

Due to the scattering of litter around the toilet and all over the apartment as soon as the cat jumps out of the toilet, a Petkit mat collects the excess litter. The mat is made of soft material and is pleasant to the touch for the cat's paws. The orange area of the mat collects the litter that can safely be thrown into the toilet. The front legs of the Pura X litter box have a non-slip underside to keep the mat securely in place on the floor so it doesn't slip. 

The Pura X Toilet is compatible with all types of dry litter.



LED display and controls

The PURA X toilet has a clear, modern LED screen that allows you to set and monitor all the functions of the device. Using the two buttons you can switch the device on/off, set cleaning cycles, start spraying, etc. The screen can also display the current weight of the cat, the number of times the litter box is used per day, the percentage of litter remaining, or alerts on the correct positioning of the cover or litter box.


Safety sensors

PURA X is one of the most technologically advanced automatic toilets for cats. A team of engineers has been developing the product down to the last detail for more than 5 years. A special function of Pura X is a series of multiple sensors that detect different activities. Internal sensors detect the cat's entry and exit. Pura X is equipped with a clever Triple Protection system, which was developed by observing the natural behavior of cats. Thus, it has several protective maintenance barriers to avoid potential risks. 



Waste box and bags

The Pura X toilet has a litter box at the bottom that stores contaminated litter and clumps. Once the litter box is full, the toilet will notify you on the Petkit app on your mobile device and on the toilet's LED screen. When replacing a filled litter box, simply pull out the container and drop the bag into the bin. Replacement bags can be purchased in our e-shop.



Removal of unpleasant odors

Cleaning the toilet is very simple and will only take a moment. Turn and unlock the pin on the back of the container. The special deodorizing concentrate with a pleasant scent cleans the toilet environment automatically after each use, is non-toxic, and is made from ingredients that are safe for use. The concentrate lasts approximately 30 days and can be purchased in our e-shop


For hygiene reasons, a 30-day test period does NOT apply to all toilets in our range!

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Size For cats
Dimension 50,4 x 53,2 x 64,6 cm
Material Plastic

Additional information


  • Automatic cat litter box hygiene without your involvement
  • Maintains a clean and pleasant environment at home
  • Easy handling and clear operation
  • No contact with unpleasant and unhygienic waste
  • Light indicator
  • For all cat breeds up to 16 kg
  • Special strainer to separate soiled litter
  • Can be used for several cats without any problems Compatible with all kinds of dry litter
  • Very quiet operation


  • Higher purchase price


 Package content

  • Self-cleaning toilet Petkit Pura X
  • PURA X Top Cover
  • Charging adapter
  • Waste bag
  • Scent

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