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iFetch Frenzy ball launcher

The gravity ball thrower will keep small to medium dogs of busy owners entertained for a long time. The ball launcher is completely silent and gravity-controlled, so the interactive toy does not require power or batteries. The clever dog fun uses 3 random directions to roll the ball, thus sharpening the dog's senses. IFetch will keep your pooch in healthy condition!

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Product description

The gravity ball thrower will keep small to medium dogs of busy owners entertained for a long time. The ball launcher is completely silent and gravity-controlled, so the interactive toy does not require power or batteries. The clever dog fun uses 3 random directions to roll the ball, thus sharpening the dog's senses. IFetch will keep your pooch in healthy condition!


After a little training, your furry friend will always place the ball in the hole at the top of the automatic toy. But what makes the iFetch a "slightly different ball thrower" is the principle of chance. You or your four-legged buddy places the ball in the groove, where the ball drops into a chamber in the base to roll out randomly through one of three possible openings. The iFetch interactive fetch toy won't let your dog idle at play. Sharpen his senses!

The interactive toy with a wide trough and a stable, balanced design allows the dog to comfortably place the ball. Made of durable plastic, the iFetch is suitable for long-term use. The mechanical principle of the toy without the use of electronics guarantees silent operation and suits even timid dogs perfectly. In addition, thanks to the high-quality workmanship and without the need for a power supply, iFetch can be comfortably taken anywhere. Your furry friend can play indoors and outdoors without any problems. The iFetch Frenzy variant suits smaller or more delicate spaces thanks to the gravity principle of rolling the balls.

Exercising will be a breeze with iFetch!

Teaching your dog to fetch independently will also be a breeze. Practice with your dog for only 10 minutes, preferably 3 times a day. Prepare the iFetch fetch toy and train near him. Roll or throw the ball on the ground, at a smaller distance. If he grabs the ball and heads towards you, reward him right away with a treat and praise. When he's mastered the game, show your dog that the wide gutter is the right place to put the ball. When he comes back to you with the ball, use your palm to indicate where to put the ball. As your dog explores the trough, reward him with a treat and praise him.

In addition to the interactive toy, the package also contains 3 mini tennis balls. On a hard floor, the ball rolls to a distance of about 2 m - 3.5 m. The removable base is designed for convenient storage of the balls. This not only makes the device portable but also prevents the loss of balls.

Enjoy the fun together or alone that your pet surely deserves! The ball thrower provides a great interactive toy for your dog and promotes a sharp mind and healthy body condition!

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Size Small dogs, Large dogs, Mid-size dogs

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Quiet operation
Provides mental stimulation
Allows the dog to play independently
Promotes healthy conditioning
Requires no recharging or batteries
Wide groove for ball placement


Ball range may be altered on soft surfaces

Package contents

1 x iFetch Frenzy gravity ball thrower
3 original balls

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