Automatic dispenser PetSafe Smart Feed 2.0


The PetSafe Smart Feed 2.0 automatic dispenser helps you plan, monitor and adjust your pets' schedule remotely using a free mobile app for your smartphone. The dispenser holds 5.6 litres of dry or semi-moist food and allows you to schedule dosing up to 12 times a day.

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Automatic dispenser PetSafe Smart Feed 2.0

With the PetSafe Smart Feed 2.0 dispenser for dogs and cats, you can plan, monitor and adjust their feeding schedule remotely using an easy-to-use smartphone app. Download the free app to your phone or mobile device, connect the feeder to your home Wi-Fi network and enjoy convenient meal planning from anywhere. The feeder includes a 5.6 litre hopper for dry or semi-moist feed. The unique design can feed different shapes and sizes of dry pellets while preventing them from getting stuck. 

Dosing can be scheduled up to 12 times a day from 29ml up to 946ml per 1 serving. The slow feeding setting allows you to dose in small amounts for up to 15 minutes. Plus, with the "Feed Now" feature, you can feed instantly directly from the phone app or by pressing a button in the feeder.

The stainless steel bowl with removable holder, included in the package, prevents the bowl from tipping over or being moved. All components used to dispense food are dishwasher safe. A 2.4GHz wireless router (802.11b/g/n) is required to connect the PetSafe® Smart Feed automatic feeder to the smartphone app. Devices compatible with the mobile app are iPhones or iPods running iOS 9.0 or later and compatible smartphones running Android version 6.0 or later.


  • Automatic dispenser is for indoor use only
  • Can be set up to 12 feedings per day with portions from 29 ml to 946 ml
  • Feed Now feature allows you to feed instantly outside of normal feeding times, directly from the app on your smartphone
  • Smart Feed can be paired with multiple family members' smartphones
  • The bowl is stainless steel and removable
  • The volume of the feeder is 5678 ml suitable for different sizes of kibble
  • The app sends an alert when the dog is feeding or the food level in the feeder is low or empty
  • In case of power failure, 4 alkaline D batteries will ensure smooth operation
  • Dimensions: l.51,5 x w.23,9 x h.32 cm


Benefits Handicaps
  • Control via smartphone
  • Programmable feed dosage
  • Slow Feed function
  • Low Food Sensor - low feed alert
  • Easy maintenance
  • Suitable for cats and small or medium dogs


Package content

  • Smart Feed Dispenser 2.0
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Instructions

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