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Automatic laser for cats Patpet

The Patpet laser cat toy is an interactive toy that will keep you and your cat playing wildly and entertained for hours. The toy can be held in your hands or placed on a flat surface. Timer, auto/manual mode, adjustable laser, rechargeable with batteries or USB cable.



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Product code: P49196
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

The Patpet laser interactive toy will give your pet hours of play time, even when you're not home or when you can't play with your cat. The toy can be placed anywhere, preferably in a high place to avoid accidentally knocking the cat over, or held in your hand. This amazing toy is perfect for allowing your kitty to show his natural hunting instincts. You can rest assured that your cat will be happy and in great shape when you return home. The toy's quiet motor ensures that she will only focus on the light and the sounds of the toy will not disturb her. The toy is rechargeable with a USB cable, or you can use 4x AA batteries (not included). The slow and fast mode levels can be suitable for multi play. 


Main functions:

  • Automatic mode: randomly moves the laser beam across the floor and walls
  • Manual mode: hold in hand to create unique laser patterns
  • Timer: turns off after 15 minutes, automatically turns back on after 1.5 hours 
  • Adjustable laser: 5 different laser angles
  • Laser speed: slow/fast mode
  • Power: 4x AA batteries (not included), USB cable
  • Quiet motor
  • Dimensions: 18 x 7 cm, weight 260


Important: do not shine this toy in the eyes, it could damage your eyesight!

Notes on the proper use of the laser toy: Chasing elusive prey is not satisfying for cats in the long term. To avoid frustration, it is advisable not to use this toy for too long at a time. In addition, during play, the cat should be rewarded with a treat or play with an elusive toy (e.g. a fishing rod, mouse or ball) for a while or eventually.

Please note: As with all toys, you should supervise your pet during play. Please recheck this product regularly for defects that may occur during use and if you find a defect, replace the toy before the animal hurts itself.

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Toys For cats Typ hračky Laserové Podle značky Patpet

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Size For cats
Power supply battery + charging

Downloading Instructions

Additional information


  • Automatic/manual mode
  • Cute looking toy
  • Automatic timer
  • 5 different laser angles
  • 2 laser speeds
  • Battery/USB cable
  • Very quiet motor

 Package content

  • Laser for cats Patpet
  • Screwdriver
  • Charging cable
  • Instructions

Toys for cats

What toy to get for your cat:

  • If your cat is one of the more active ones, he will appreciate a proper cat tree to climb and jump on. This can be combined with a scratching post for sharpening claws.
  • Interactive toys develop instinct, and cats can usually get along with this type of toy on their own. For example, ball gliders, automatic rods with feathers, or toys with catnip, which cats absolutely love and cannot resist the smell of.
  • Teasers, such as feather, mouse or coloured tassel rods, will ensure active play and deepen the relationship between you and your cat, who will like you all the more when you are active together.
  • A favorite toy is the laser pointer, where the cat chases after the red dot, a fun activity that won't get old even with extended play.
  • The cat is not picky, it doesn't matter what shape, size or material the toy is. However, in every cat bed of your feline friends there should be a mouse in the form of a toy that the cat can hunt for.

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