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Cheerble Board Game for cats 3v1

The Cheerble Board Game and Interactive Toy for Cats 3v1 helps your cat stay active and entertained even when you're not there.

It starts with the Cheerble ball itself, an interactive ball made with a synthetic fiber shell and computer brain to constantly keep your cat on its toes. It's engineered to catch and keep your cat's attention, first rolling and shaking, then going into a second activity gear once your cat bats or nudges the ball. In its intelligent companion mode, the Cheerble basically acts as a play partner for your kitty, daring your cat to give chase, then making its own unexpected moves for your pet to really devote some thought to this little skittering ball's game.



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Cheerble Board Game for cats 3v1
Cheerble Board Game…
48.06 €

Product description

The playboard is a perfect engagement environment for the Cheerble ball. Your cat will enjoy pawing and trying to catch the ball as it zips and zags through patches of interesting holes and bounces of the playboard edges. 

Finally, the playboard also features its own built-in scratchpad, so a cat can get out their natural scratching instincts without taking it out on your furniture. The ball is charged by USB


How it works: press the button for 3 seconds to turn on the Cheerble Ball, select the intensity mode. You can press the button on the cheruble ball, press the button to release the cheruble ball, then press the button on the cheruble ball, press the button to release the cheruble ball, press the button to release the cheruble ball, press the button to release the cheruble ball, press the button to release the cheruble ball. Activate the Cheerble ball by tapping or shaking and leave the Cheerble on the surface for your feline friend. 


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