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Reedog Senza Premium self-retracting leash L 50kg / 5m tape / white with orange

What's better than an ultra-comfortable self-retracting leash in a cool style for walking your dog? The Reedog Senza L for large dogs is unparalleled in quality craftsmanship and fits your hand like a glove with its ergonomic design. The multi-position tape won't tangle or snag at any angle. One button to secure the 3 brake mods. The product is from a Czech brand!

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Product description

What's better than an ultra-comfortable self-retracting leash in a cool style for walking your dog? The Reedog Senza L for large dogs is unparalleled in quality craftsmanship and fits your hand like a glove with its ergonomic design. The multi-position tape won't tangle or snag at any angle. One button to secure the 3 brake mods. The product is from a Czech brand! For dogs weighing up to 50 kg.

Main functions:

  • Intuitive one-button operation
  • Multi position anti-tangle tape 
  • 3 braking modes
  • Design for smooth tape winding
  • Extra strong tape 
  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Stylish look
  • Sturdy chrome-plated carabiner 
  • 4 different sizes
  • Colour variants
  • Breed: Akita Inu, Bullmastiff (female), Swiss Shepherd, Bloodhound


The Reedog self-retracting leash is reliable every step of the way!

No matter wherever you go with your furry friend, the Reedog Senza leash guarantees comfortable and easy handling and thus reliable control. Anyone who has a dog knows that a quick reaction often determines the outcome of a crisis situation, not only when walking.

One touch: instant brake control

Whether you are surprised by an encounter with another dog, a passer-by or a passing car, the Reedog Senza leash allows you to control the leash precisely with the intuitive brake button. With one touch, you can instantly pull, stop or release the leash's special tape, which also won't tangle at any angle of movement. Thanks to the ergonomic grip of the handle, the brake of your leash is literally under your thumb. The ability to react quickly is exactly what you need for unexpected situations when walking your dog!


Multi position tape has unlimited flexibility!

Any angle refers to the tape's multi-position function, which prevents the tape from twisting and jamming. Your dog can go in any direction, but even a sudden movement will not take control of the tape. Walk without worry and enjoy the unique feeling of freedom. The leash with multi-position tape does not interfere with walking and adapts naturally to your movements. Not only will you feel good, but your four-legged partner will also enjoy a stress-free walk.

The tape is made of a material with high tensile strength. The fabric is used in the military in the manufacture of parachutes, so it is characterized by its excellent ability to withstand loads. The winding mechanism of the leash has been designed for smooth winding of the extra strong tape.

The undeniable advantage of the leash is the design, which will give you not only style, but most importantly comfort! The ergonomic handle offers you a functional solution. A comfortable and secure grip simply belongs to the comfort when walking. The leash also features a high-quality chrome-plated carabiner for attaching to the dog's collar.


A design you will easily fall in love with!

When quality meets modern design in a single product, it's easy to love the result! That's why the design of the Reedog Senza is fresh, original and practical. It comes not only in four different sizes, but also in four different colours.


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Délka 5 metrů
Váha psa do 50 kg
Barva bílá
Typ páskové
Délka 5 m
Size Large dogs, Mid-size dogs

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