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Dog puzzle & feeder in one Twister

"Unlock, slide and reward yourself!" The TWISTER intermediate puzzle for dogs will delight beginners and experienced dog solvers of all ages, breeds and sizes. The puzzle is great fun for your inquisitive furry friend, but also serves for healthy mental development of the dog. Pile on the treats and let your pooch find the tempting reward.

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Dog puzzle & feeder in one Twister
Dog puzzle & feeder…
31.16 €

Product description

Twister is an amazing puzzle for dogs who need a challenge, because they can handle simpler puzzles with their left back. While it is more difficult than the level 1 and 2 puzzles, if you have a smart learner, you can easily adjust the difficulty of the puzzle to keep them entertained and motivated to learn more. The puzzle will teach something new, keep your pet's head engaged and tire him out at the same time! 

Size: diameter 26 cm, height 4,5. 

How do you do that?

Unlock the sliding panels inside the puzzle with the side pins so that you can place treats in the holes. Slide the panels back, lock them with the pins, place them on the floor and the fun can begin! If your pet has a shorter muzzle or finds the puzzle hard to handle on the floor, put him on a smaller stool, this will make the game easier for him and he will also be less inclined to use his paws to open the treasure. Sometimes they just need a little nudge to show how the toy works. If your dog has trouble solving the puzzle at first, don't want the side pins in the "unlocked" position and teach your dog to slide the inner panels first.


Helps relax and boosts self-confidence

The Twister is fitted with locking pins that are unique. If your dog is an experienced dog puzzle solver, the twister will give him a new level of learning, as the side pins require him to gently pull his teeth up in order to push off the puzzle boxes and catch all the hidden treats. Mental stimulation is just as important for a dog as plenty of physical exercise. The Twister puzzle is the perfect way to challenge your pooch to an exciting new game and entice him to learn more skills. For fearful and anxious dogs, puzzles boost self-confidence and help them relax with enjoyable activities to prevent educational problems.


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