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E-Collar Tactical K9-400

E-Collar Tactical K9-400 is a high quality collar with sound, vibration, pulse at 100 levels and Booster function. At a range of up to 1200 m, you can train even 2 dogs at the same time. For dogs from 2 kg. The receiver is completely waterproof. The transmitter can withstand water ingress. Easy operation, LCD display and 3 training modes.

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Warranty: 24 months
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E-Collar Tactical K9-400
E-Collar Tactical…
532.15 €

Product description

E-Collar Tactical K9-400 je vysoce kvalitní elektronický výcvikový obojek s dosahem až 1 200 m a nabídkou funkcí zvuk, vibrace, impulz ve 100 úrovních a Booster. E-Collar se vyznačuje špičkovou vodotěsností i pro potápění, unikátním designem vysílačky padnoucí do dlaně, která se navíc při pádu do vody vznáší na hladině. Jednoduché ovládání, LCD displej a 3 volitelné režimy výcviku. Pro 1 - 2 psy od 2 kg. V balení s extra pohodlným nastavitelným řemínkem.


The E-Collar Tactical K9-400 is the smallest rechargeable collar on the market with a range of up to 1200 meters. A very convenient transmitter and receiver guarantees comfort to your pet. The collar has a very simple and convenient operation  without the need for constant control of the settings.

You can be sure that the comfortable Bungee Collar is perfect for your dog's neck.

E-Collar is one of the best training collar. As a correction the device offers: sound, vibration, pulse in 100 levels and Booster function. Instead of the classic vibration, the E-Collar Tactical K9-400 uses an effective vibration called Tapping Sensation, which is more intense than the classic vibration and allows you to effectively use vibrations for temperamental dogs, even in cases where the impulse is usually activated.

Pulses in 100 degrees provide a very flexible and adaptable adjustment of the correction power to the smallest detail. Therefore, you can be sure of the right choice, regardless of what breed of dog you have and with what temperament. In case of crisis situations, E-Collar has a solution - the Booster function. With Booster function you can increase the power of pulse to several levels by pressing a single button. The function is suitable for temperamental dogs that are prone to instinct reactions.



Tapping Sensation remind a classic vibration, but is slightly more intense, so it is also suitable for less sensitive dogs. You will appreciate the waterproof transmitter, which is in case of falling into the water, will not sink, but will remain on the surface. If you lose your device, you can easily find it by activating the sound signal. The E-Collar Tactical K9-400 has a waterproof receiver that can be submerged in water up to 12,5 meters. In addition, the receiver has a very bright led that you can activate remotely. The collar has sound, vibration and pulse functions that can be set from 100 levels.



Main functions of the collar:

  • The range of up to 1200 meters, so you can give the dog much more freedom during training than on a leash, without losing control.
  • Suitable for dogs weighing from 2 kg.
  • The advantage is the COS technology, which guarantees the "humanity" of the training. 
  • Thanks to the Lost Transmitter Beeper function, the loss of the transmitter is not a tragedy. If something like this happens, you can easily find the transmitter again using the audio signal.
  • The Tapping Sensation function is very similar to the classic vibration, but slightly stronger, so the training will make sense even for less sensitive dogs.
  • Three training modes allow you to adapt training to your dog's needs. All work is based on the Tapping Sensation, not on the basis of tone, or normal vibration.
  • The transmitter has a backlit LCD display, that makes the training in the dark more enjoyable.
  • The waterproof device is ideal for energetic dogs. The transmitter and receiver are waterproof and submerged to a depth of 12,5 meters. In addition, the transmitter floating.
  • 100 pulse levels with the ability to set instant or continuous correction, as well as the Booster function (instant increase of power by several levels)




E-Collar Tactical K9-400 will help you  to train your dog without using a leash at a distance of up to 1200 meters. A range of 1200 meters is suitable for basic and professional training of most dogs. The E-Collar Tactical K9-400 is an ideal choice to use in the city and in the forest, where conditions are worse and the range can be reduced.


Correction type:

E-Collar Tactical K9-400 for correction use sound, vibration, continuous and instant pulse that can be set in 100 levels, Booster a Flash Light functions to detect the dog in the dark. Tapping Sensation is an innovative vibration technology that is more intense than the classic vibration, and allows you to train even energetic dogs.


Battery and charging:

The transmitter and receiver are equipped with a 3.7 V and 400mAh rechargeable Li-polymer battery that charges in 2 hours. With daily use, the transmitter will work for about 30 days, the receiver will work for 14 days.  You can charge both the collar and the transmitter at any time using a dual network charger.



E-Collar Tactical K9-400 has a fully waterproof receiver, with the ability to dive up to 12,5 meters. The device has a fully waterproof transmitter, which, in case of falling into the water, will not sink, but will remain on the surface of the water. E-Collar Tactical K9-400 is suitable for basic training and the training of hunting dogs.


Number of trained dogs:

E-Collar Tactical K9-400 can be used to control multiple dogs at once without losing features. By adding other collars, you can simply expand it to train 2 dogs at once. On the transmitter you can switch between dogs.



The E-Collar has a high-quality backlit LCD display that lets you train the dog both day and night. You have all the indicators on the display - type of correction, number of dogs, pulse power, signal strength, and battery charge / discharge status indication.


Collar length:

E-Collar Tactical K9-400 has a very strong and quality collar made of biotan (a material stronger than leather and plastic). The dog does not do his problem and he holds his throat well. The length of the collar is adjustable from 20 to 70cm.

Weight and dimensions:

The transmitter has a width of 6,7 cm, a depth of 3,2 cm, and a weight of 96 grams. The receiver has a width of 5 cm, a height of 3,8 cm, a depth of 2,8 cm, and a weight of 68 grams.




  • very small receiver
  • transmitter with LCD display 
  • charging receiver and transmitter
  • ability to set 100 pulse levels 
  • ability to train 2 dogs at the same time
  • simple operation-a separate button for each function 
  • range 1200 meters
  • waterproof and floating transmitter
  • LED flashlight on the receiver



  • Higher price


Package content:

  • Receiver
  • Transmitter
  • Short and long electrodes
  • Adjustable collar
  • Accumulators
  • Dual charger
  • Neck strap
  • Test lamp
  • CZ, EN instructions

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Collars Training collars By the breed For small dogs For mid-size dogs For big dogs By the range 1000 to 1500 meters By the brand E-collar By the correction type Electronic Vibration Sound By waterproof Waterproof Submersible By number of dogs For 1 dog For 2 dogs

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Number of dogs 1 - 2 dogs
Functions Impulse, Vibration, Sound, Booster, Light
Range 1200 m
Range 1200 m
Size Small dogs, Large dogs, Mid-size dogs
Waterproofing Submersible
Power USB charging

Downloading Instructions

Training collars

How does the electronic training collar help you?

  • training collars help you teach your dog to walk off-leash
  • fix a reliable recall in all circumstances
  • stop the dog from running away after game (commands "stay", "to me", "to my leg" and "stay"), other dogs or people
  • unlearning to pull on the lead,
  • interrupting unwanted dog activities ("yuck", "you must not") - unlearning bad habits in everyday interaction with people, e.g. taking food from the table, jumping on people, digging, eating excrement, unwanted barking, howling, etc.
  • precise training of practically every command, where the dog has to perform it as accurately and reliably as if it were on a (up to hundreds of meters long!) leash
  • the unwanted dependence on the lead is removed, which the dog recognises very well and adapts its behaviour to it

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E-Collar Tactical K9-400

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