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The doors for dogs and cats will save you heat and time!

You sometimes work as a doorman at home. Your dog wants to go out first because he heard something in the garden. Then your cat asks to be released. After a while, the dog barks that he wants to go home again. After another half hour, the cat reports. Save your time and nerves. Doors for dogs and cats will help you, with them your four-legged friends will be independent. You will appreciate them even now in the winter when they will save you money because the constant opening and closing of the front door naturally lets the heat escape.

We all have our needs. Even your dog and cat. One time they want in, the other time they want out. Opening and closing the main front door all the time is tiring and uneconomical. However, it has an easy and practical solution that you and your furry pets will appreciate. Get them special doors for dogs and cats. You can install them, for example, at the garage door or the entrance door, depending on where you let your animals. You can choose from a variety of sizes, types, or colors.

Are doors for dogs and cats beneficial?

The advantage is that the pass-through door for dogs and cats ensures that your pets have comfortable and free passage in and out. It frees you up too – you stop serving them endlessly and you save quite a bit of energy in winter – because it makes a difference if you open a large front door or if the animal squeezes through a disproportionately smaller opening.

It is important to note that the actual installation of the door for dogs and cats is simple and can be done even by a less skilled do-it-yourselfer. When choosing a door, you don't even have to consider the material of the door or even change it. The door can be installed in all door or wall materials, be it wood, metal, PVC, glass, or even bricks.

The advantages of doors for dogs and cats

  • Freedom for you and your pet.

  • Saves your time and heat energy.

  • No more scratched-up front doors.

  • No more puddles when you get home from work.

  • Less stress for you and your pet



OK, but what about the downsides of doggie doors?

Do you also think that by installing a dog or cat door, you can invite uninvited guests into your home? Mice or even rats, perhaps? Are you afraid of drafts because you imagine that the door doesn't insulate very much and there will be another place in your house through which energy can escape? This is not quite true. High-quality doors insulate well.

It also depends on the method of opening and closing. Modern dog doors are not only mechanical, but you can choose them according to their function – you can also choose a door with a magnet, a chip, or even an infrared door. How do they differ from each other?

  • Mechanical door - equipped with a manual opening for cats or dogs. The passage through the door is easy and convenient in both directions. The door is weather-resistant. They close with a plug-in flap.
  • Magnetic door - it is equipped with a strong magnet, which ensures safe closing of the door and prevents drafts (for example, in case of strong wind)
  • Chip-controlled door - modern doors for cats and dogs can only be opened by an animal wearing the correct electronic chip on its collar.
  • Infra-Red door - this pass-through door is a state-of-the-art solution that works with infrared opening technology - it will open when a cat or dog with a special infrared key around its neck approaches.

Quality doors for dogs or cats insulate well, they are equipped with a safety lock, so they can be locked and impassable, for example, at night or during vacation. Some of the doors also have special bristles along the edge of the flap, so that the animal's quiet passage is ensured.


You can handle the installation of doors for dogs and cats

When choosing a door for dogs and cats, keep an eye on the dimensions, installation options, and their use. Measure the dog properly and then choose the door - take into account its height and width. They make doors for quite small breeds up to the largest breeds.

In most cases, you should be able to install the door yourself. You will primarily need an electric saw, screwdriver, drill, pencil, and tape measure.

  • Measure your dog's/cat's height, the bottom of the door should reach roughly the beginning of his chest, so the animal will be comfortable entering and exiting. Remember that dogs don't crawl through the door (first they put their head through, then their front legs, their trunk, and finally their back legs).
  • Measure the door dimensions and draw them on your door.
  • Use a saw to cut a hole in the door.
  • Then fasten the door with screws according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Take into account the material of the door during installation - in the case of glass doors, it is better to leave the work to a professional.


Training the dog/cat to the door

When the door is ready, you should introduce your pet to it. It is similar to any other training. Show the animal that it has nothing to fear. Most animals will understand on the first day that the door was created for their comfort and freedom. For more timid ones, leave the door open (without the latch) for a few days and reward them with a treat if they go through. Be careful that the flap doesn't fall so they don't get startled.


Which door brand to choose?

The StayWell door from Petsafe is among the best-known and best-selling in the world. The quality of these doors is excellent and they offer several types. You can choose a chip door, magnetic door, or ordinary door. The door comes in sizes for cats and small, medium, and large dogs. Another excellent door is made by the Czech company Reedog. This door has the main advantage of the Silent technology, thanks to which there is no clicking/banging when opening and closing. The door has special bristles on the side along the entire edge of the flap, which ensure maximum quiet passage of the dog or cat.

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