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Tips for Christmas gifts for your dog friends

If any family member deserves the best gifts this year, I think we can all agree it's a dog. Even if he misbehaves a few times this year, you can't be mad at such an adorable creature, right? After all, our favourites can't go without a present! You can choose from treats, toys and more. There are plenty of products to choose from that will make the perfect gift! Check out the list below!

iFetch Original automatic ball launcher

The automatic ball thrower for hours of fetch fun for smaller dogs offers 3 selectable distances to hit the ball. Plug the robotic toy into the mains or insert 6 C batteries. With optional distance and power options. If you don't want to pick up ornaments and decorations from the floor, be sure to place the ball thrower in the opposite direction of the Christmas tree. The launcher provides lots of fun for dogs and kids alike!

Automatic laser for cats and dogs Eyenimal

The automatic light laser with selectable speed rotates in a 360° circle to keep your cat entertained for hours. Don't forget to stock up on plenty of batteries before Christmas! This toy, like many others, runs on 3 AA batteries. This fun toy will awaken any cat's hunting instincts and will have your beast frolicking, hunting and lurking for the moving red light. The adjustable speed will ensure optimum play for each of your cat's pets in a tailored way. If your mischief seems too clever set the random alternation mode. And you? Place the device anywhere in the house, press the laser button and wherever you go, your cat will play without your participation!

Fountain Petkit Eversweet 3

At Christmas, we eat a huge amount of food and sweets. We forget to drink enough water! A very practical gift for your pet will automatically be a fountain with constantly dripping water. The fountain will be a great gift for your pet and a reminder for you to keep up a drinking regime. The smart fountain for dogs and cats features a powerful circulation filtration system to ensure clean and fresh drinking water for your pets. The sleek fountain is economical, made of quality and safe materials and features a backup battery in case of power failure. Your pet will never be thirsty again, and because the dispenser will keep him entertained, you'll improve his drinking regime too.

Reedog Christmas Gingerbread, plush squeaky toy, 25 cm

The best toys are those that require interaction with the pet. Pulling each other is the best fun for a dog. The original Reedog dog toy in the shape of a Christmas gingerbread house. The toy is made of plush and is suitable for tugging, biting or cuddling, for all breeds and sizes of dogs. A squeaker hidden inside the toy adds to the excitement of play. The gingerbread is soft, durable and will bring a pleasant Christmas atmosphere into the house.

Dog Harnesses Reedog

A practical gift with a great design will be the original Reedog baskets. Reedog baskets come in different sizes, designs and colours. If you want to match your dog to the Christmas tree, choose green and red. If you're a believer in the new tradition of ugly Christmas sweaters, choose a bright colour. A popular and designer harness made of very lightweight and breathable material with a puppy motif and the Reedog logo for your pet's maximum comfort. The harness has a comfortable cut that does not tear the coat, does not press and does not rub the dog, it is a suitable option for dogs who pull, so as not to burden the cervical spine. Thanks to the special shape, the harness is easy and quick to put on, has adjustable straps for optimal adaptation to the dog's body and a ring for attaching the leash.