Dogs and cats repellers

Dogs and cats are our best four-legged friends. But sometimes they can really annoy. Scares dogs and cats are a simple solution if your unruly pet jumps on things that could damage, barking at the door or go where it does not. With repellant and protect itself.

If you are terrified of some animals and scares you the big dogs on walks or rides a bike, do not hesitate to choose from our selection of repellents.

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Odpuzovač psů Eyenimal Odpuzovač psů Eyenimal

Dog repeller Eyenimal

In stock 4 pcs 20. 05. at Yours
Are you afraid of dogs? Then, just for you this machine! Repellent dogs Eyenimal was designed to generate ultrasonic…
28 €
Odpuzovač koček Eyenimal Odpuzovač koček EyenimalOdpuzovač koček Eyenimal

Cat repeller Eyenimal

In stock 2 pcs 20. 05. at Yours
Although we love our cats sometimes we are angry. For example, when they start to meow constantly, or even worse, they…
35 €
Sprejový odpudzovač PetSafe sssCat Sprejový odpudzovač PetSafe sssCat

Sprey repellers PetSafe sssCat

In stock 2 pcs 20. 05. at Yours
Sprejový odpuzovač koček PetSafe sssCat je plně automatické zařízení na odpuzení kočky z míst, kde ji mít nechcete.…
90 €

Odpuzovač psů a koček GoodLife OnGuard Odpuzovač psů a koček GoodLife OnGuard

Dog and cats repeller GoodLife OnGuard

In stock 2 pcs 20. 05. at Yours
OnGuard ™ discourage unwanted dogs or stop unwanted behavior of your own dog. This handheld repeller uses ultrasonic…
98 €

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