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Door SureFlap with microchip for dogs

The SureFlap dog and cat door is larger than the SureFlap cat door, making it ideal for large cats such as Maine Coons and small dogs such as terriers.

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Warranty: 24 months
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Door SureFlap with microchip for dogs
Door SureFlap with…
172.57 €

Product description

The SureFlap dog door is a battery-operated door with a microchip that only allows your dog to enter. No need to use a collar to enter. You can use it with the help of a collar tag, or with the help of a microchip applied to your dog by a vet. We recommend, rather, that you use microchips, which are a more reliable identification because they cannot be lost. However, if your pet is not or cannot be microchipped and you decide to use the SureFlap collar tag (1 piece included), always use a collar with a fixed buckle to ensure that the tag is not lost. This dog door has an LCD display and can be set up for up to 32 dogs/cats. With this door, you can set when your pet will be allowed to come in. Unlike the Dual Scan door, they only scan the arrival of your dog/cat. Any cat or dog without a chip can leave. The door runs on 4 C batteries.


How does the microchip work?

  • The animal is microchipped by a veterinarian. The chip is implanted into the animal's shoulder and, together with the animal's name and address, registered in the animal registry. A doctor equipped with a scanner can then read the number of the implanted chip and identify the owner of the animal. 
  • At the touch of a button, the SureFlap door stores your dog's identification number. The door will only open for pets that have the programmed chip activated. This prevents other unwanted visitors from entering! 
  • The sensor that is used to read your dog's chip is located inside the tunnel - it allows the chip to be detected even at a greater distance, e.g. if the dog's chip has moved. The door opens in a fraction of a second and locks automatically about 1 second after your dog passes through the door. The SureFlap door has a manual "classic" 4-position lock that disables the chip lock if activated.
  • You can check the compatibility of your pet's microchip simply here at the bottom of the page.


In which door can I install the SureFlap dog door?

  • The SureFlap dog door can be easily installed in all types of doors. If you install them in a glass door, you must purchase an additional extension. This extension can also be used if you have a larger hole left in the door from a previous door. It is also possible to fit the door into a double-glazed door. Precise installation instructions are included in the manual you receive with the door.
  • For installation in doors with metal plates or a metal core, the installation instructions (instructions included in the package) should be read carefully, as the metal may affect the sensor's ability to detect the chip. If installed correctly, there is no limitation. 


Installing SureFlap in doors


Installing the SureFlap door in glass


Installing the SureFlap door in the wall


SureFlap microchipped dog and cat doors are similar in size to many other commercially available doors, so they can be easily replaced. W 17.8 x H 17 cm, cut-out requirements for placement: W 20.7 x H 23.4 cm. Total door size 26.2 x 28.1 cm. The thickness of the tunnel is 7 cm. 

  Door with microchip for cats Dualscan door with microchip for cats Door with microchip for dogs Door with microchip for cats Connect Door with microchip for dogs Connect
Compatible with common microchips (ISO certified) FDXA and FDXB YES YES YES YES YES
Compatible with Sure Petcare RFID collar tag YES YES YES YES YES
RFID tag on the collar is included in the package NO NO YES NO YES
Number of pets 32 32 32 32 32
Installation in wood, glass, and walls YES YES YES YES YES
Door size (width x height) in mm 140 x 120 140 x 120 178 x 170 140 x 120 178 x 170
Door installation gap size (width x height) in mm 165 x 171 165 x 171 207 x 234 165 x 171 207 x 234
Manual door lock YES YES NO YES NO
Electronic door lock NO NO YES NO YES
Remote door lock, via app NO NO NO YES YES
Selective access to the house only for registered and selected animals YES YES YES YES YES
Selective exits only for registered and selected animals NO YES NO YES NO
Notification of selected animals entering or leaving the house NO NO NO YES YES
Integrated draft protection YES YES YES YES YES
Display screen NO NO YES NO YES
Time control and programming option NO NO YES YES YES
Batteries 4 x AA 4 x AA 4 x C 4 x AA 4 x C

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Tunnel 7 cm
Colour White, Brown
Material PVC
Function microchip lock
Frame (w x h) 26,8 x 28,1 cm
Flap (w x h) 17,8 x 17 cm
Size Extra small dogs, Small dogs
Power supply battery
Power Batteries

Downloading Instructions

Doors for dogs

How will the dog and cat door help?

  • It will allow your pet unrestricted comfortable access inside and outside.
  • The door is easy to install, simple and compatible with all common materials (wood, metal, plastic, brick, etc.).
  • You can go about your business in peace, knowing that your pet can move independently of you
  • Creates a reliable base for your pet and the joy of free movement 

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