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PetSafe Classic

PetSafe Classic gives you peace of mind knowing your dog is safe in your garden. The fence has a vibration + sound and pulse function in 8 levels and is suitable for small and large dog breeds. The fence is for an unlimited number of dogs, has a waterproof receiver and an infinitely adjustable correction and warning zone. Use the fence to create an installation up to 600 m long.

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Product code: P52913
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

The PetSafe Classic Electric Dog Fence gives you peace of mind knowing that your dog is safe in your garden. Electric wire fences are a great choice whether you have a rectangular or other uniquely shaped garden. When you bury/conceal the boundary wire, you have the option to fence off an area customized for your dog. The receiver is rechargeable and waterproof, it has 8 levels of correction, the first level represents sound and vibration, levels 2-8 represent adjustable pulse correction that you can adjust based on your dog's temperament. The base of the fence has an LCD screen that allows you to easily see the boundary distance setting and alerts you to wire breaks if needed. You can add as many pets to this system as you need, just purchase additional collars with the Classic receiver. The collar is also compatible with PawzAway pet fencing, so his collar can keep him safe in the garden when he's playing outside or keep him out of restricted areas inside.

Zone settings

With the PetSafe, you set the alert and correction zones together with one control on the base. Zone width settings range from 0.6 to 4.5 m, depending on the type of installation and wire length.


Type of correction

PetSafe Classic has a sound and vibration zone and an electrostatic pulse zone. The fence has a total of 8 correction levels. The dog is first alerted by sound and vibration and a pulse is sent when approached.


drát v balení

Wire in the package

The basic package of PetSafe Classic contains 150 metres of insulated wire with a cross section of 0.5mm, which is fully sufficient for most installations. If the wire in the pack is not enough, it can easily be connected up to 600m.


Batteries and charging

The PetSafe Classic receiver is powered by a USB cable included in the package, charging time takes 2-3 hours. Each charge of the receiver will last up to 3 weeks in operation, depending on frequency of use. The base is mains powered.



PetSafe Basic has a fully submersible receiver and is suitable for use in rain and very wet environments. The dog can jump into the pool with the receiver and swim for any length of time. The base is water resistant, we recommend placing it in a dry environment. It can also be placed outdoors, but so that it does not rain on it.


Number of dogs

PetSafe Classic can be used for an unlimited number of dogs. You can easily expand it by adding additional collars.



Collar length

PetSafe Classic has a very strong and high quality collar made of nylon. It doesn't give your puppy any problem wearing it and it holds well on his neck. The length of the collar is adjustable from 10 to 70 cm, the width is 2 cm. You can also use your own collar.

Weight and dimensions

The base is 10.9cm wide, 12.5cm high and 5.4cm deep. The receiver is 3.3cm wide, 5.8cm high and 2.5cm deep and weighs 71 grams (including battery).




  • Suitable for small and large breeds
  • Waterproof device
  • Sound, vibration and impulse correction
  • Fast battery recharge
  • Battery status indicator
  • Unlimited number of dogs
  • Up to 600 m around the perimeter of the property
  • LCD screen of the base
  • Strong and durable wire in the package
  • Compatible with Pawz Away pet barriers



  • Base is not waterproof


Package content:

  • Petsafe receiver
  • Base
  • 150m of wire
  • 50 training flags
  • Mounting material
  • Long and short contact points
  • Charging adapter
  • USB charging cable
  • Manual

The product is included in categories

Fences Electronic fences By the breed For small dogs For mid-size dogs For big dogs By the brand PetSafe By the land size to 600 meters

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Functions Impulse, Vibration, Sound
Wire in package 150 m
Průřez drátu v balení 0,5 mm
Land 600 m
Number of dogs unlimited
Size Small dogs, Large dogs, Mid-size dogs
Waterproofing Water resistant
Collar length 10 - 70 cm
Receiver endurance 3 týdny
Receiver power supply USB nabíjení
Transmitter power supply Síťový adaptér
Pulse level 8
Weight of the receiver 71 g
Transmitter dimension 10,9 x 12,5 x 5,4 cm
Dimension of the receiver 3,3 x 5,8 x 2,5 cm
Electrodes Krátké i dlouhé elektrody

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