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Automatic smart feeder Fresh Element Mini Pro

The Petkit Fresh Element Mini Pro with stainless steel bowl is a small but very clever pet food dispenser. The dispenser holds up to 2.8 liters of dry food and lets you set doses from 5 to 50 grams. Thanks to its miniature size, the Petkit dispenser can be placed anywhere in your home and will not take up much space, you can control the dispenser simply through the smart app in your smart phone automatically or even manually.



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Product code: P50766
Warranty: 24 months
Description and parameters
Automatic smart feeder Fresh Element Mini Pro
Automatic smart…
143 €

Product description

The Petkit Fresh Element Mini Pro automatic food dispenser features a luxurious design with innovative, patented technology and low energy consumption. This dispenser comes with a new and improved way to deliver food that provides a more precise and flexible meal plan for your pet. Your pet will always be fed on time and with an accurate amount of food. Plus, with our new mini size, you can place this device anywhere in your home and it won't take up much space.

Want to feed your pet easily and even remotely? Solve the issue of healthy feeding for your pet easily and whenever you need it! The Fresh Element Mini Pro smart feed dispenser makes it easy to provide you with a feeding plan. It guarantees fresh feeds, the right feeding schedule, and even informs you of the condition of the food in the unit. You can easily control the dispenser through the app in automatic or manual mode. The dispenser is disassembled and easy to clean.



Main functions:

  • Remote control - Easy control via the smart PETKIT APP. The app is compatible for Android and iOS.
  • Low energy consumption - the dispenser is economical and features low energy consumption.
  • Always fresh - the Fresh Element Mini contains a silicone based sealing ring in the food outlet door and within the lid of the food containing compartment.
  • Automatic dosing - Simply set the portion size, number and time intervals between feedings. You can give your pet a healthy diet even when you are not around. 
  • Smart feeding - schedule your dog or cat's feeding times. You can program it for up to 10 meals a day, with 1 to 20 portions for each feeding time. Each portion is approximately 5g -50g (kibble sizes minus 5-12 mm). Add a new feeding plan whenever you like or use the manual feeding button on the Petkit app.
  • Patented feed passage - Internal mechanism prevents food from getting wet and sticking together. The silicone rotary motor ensures optimal feed passage, so food does not stick and get stuck in the device.
  • Easy cleaning: each part of the dispenser can be disassembled and cleaned.
  • Feed status under control - The weight sensor gives you a record of the amount of feed in the hopper and displays this in the app. If the feed is running low, the app will alert you.
  • Stainless steel bowl - resistant to damage and safe for all pets.
  • The feeder also takes back - up batteries in case the power goes out (4 x AA batteries, batteries not included).
  • Dimensions of the dispenser: 31,5 x 31,9 x 17 cm, weight: 2,2 kg


Large feed tank:

The dispenser is small in size, but has a large food reservoir capacity that is suitable for small pets such as cats or small breeds of dogs. The Petkit dispenser has an airtight structure that keeps the pellets fresh for a long time. The hole through which the pellets are poured into the bowl closes automatically, so no air can get into the food reservoir. The appliance has a built-in venting vessel to prevent mold growth.



A controlled feeding plan:

The Petkit app will help you make a perfectly accurate feeding plan. In the app you will find many valuable tips, as well as suggested feeding plans prepared for your pet based on the information provided. You can then set feeding times or feed your cat the right portions yourself with a few clicks on your smartphone. Not only does the app allow you to remotely control the feeder, but it also sends the necessary reminders. The app is ready for download for both Android and iOS.


Easy maintenance of the pipette:

The pipette is designed for easy cleaning. You can easily wash almost any part of it, so you don't have to worry about your pet's health. The bowl is made of stainless steel, which means it's resistant to damage and safe for pets.The magnetic holder not only allows you to easily attach or remove the device, but also prevents it from shifting.

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Colour White
Size Extra small dogs, For cats, Small dogs
Power supply power adapter + backup power supply
Dimension 31,5 x 31,9 x 17 cm
Power Power Adapter + Backup Power Supply
Kapacita krmiva 2,8 l
Kapacita krmiva 2,8 l


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