Canicom GPS


The Canicom training and GPS collar is one of the best GPS training collars on the market for medium and large dogs from 30 kg. The high quality device can locate up to 20 dogs over a distance of up to 15 km, localization data is sent every 3s and can be used throughout Europe. The training module offers a pulse and vibration function over a distance of 3 km.

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Canicom GPS

The Canicom GPS is a locator and training collar in one, it has been developed to allow you to locate your dog and at the same time prevent inappropriate behaviour with the help of the training module. The free IOS and Android app gives you more accurate information by placing your dog on a cartographic background (satellite or plan views) across Europe, data is sent every 3 s. By adding additional receivers the collar can be used to train up to 20 dogs, the transmitter allows you to divide dogs into 8 groups with different colours, change the composition of the groups and show or hide the dog on the compass. The Canicom GPS allows you to track your dog up to 15 km and train him up to 3 km using the pulse and vibration function in 8 adjustable levels. The device is rugged and waterproof, so training and locating can be done even in inclement weather such as mud, rain or snow. The clear, backlit display has a resolution of 240 x 320 px and is 3.67 x 4.89cm wide. The receiver and transmitter are easily charged using a magnetic charger, and the device lasts up to 25 hours. 


Main functions:

  • Dog training + GPS localization (uses GPS, Galileo, Glonass and QZSS)
  • Localization for up to 20 dogs with a range of 15 km, training with a range of 3 km
  • Robust and waterproof system
  • Free localization app for iOS and Android
  • Detailed information: distance between handler and dog, collar charge, GPS altitude
  • Display dog's location on the map: satellite or plan views
  • Registration of favourite places
  • Installation of virtual fence
  • Sharing the dog's position with other people
  • Magnetic charging of the receiver and transmitter



Range of the collar

Canicom GPS helps you train your dog at a distance of 3 km, the location range for tracking is up to 15 km. 




The training module has the possibility to use sound warnings and vibrations as correction, which can be set in 8 levels.




Monitoring can take place even in inclement weather. Rain, snow and mud are no longer an obstacle. The device is waterproof - resistant to getting wet, splashing water


Number of dogs

The Canicom GPS can be used to track and train multiple dogs at once without losing functionality. By adding additional collars, you can easily expand it to train and track up to 20 dogs at once. You can then use the buttons on the transmitter to switch between dogs.


Batteries and charging

The receiver of the Canicom collar is powered by a 3500 mAh Li-Ion battery that lasts up to 30h charged. The transmitter is powered by 2 × 2200 mAh Li-Ion batteries and lasts up to 25h on a charge. The kit includes two magnetic chargers so that both the receiver and transmitter can be recharged repeatedly.



The Canicom GPS has a high quality backlit LCD display that allows you to train and monitor your dog both day and night. On the display you have all the indicators - compass, distance of the dog from you, its movement speed, correction type, number of dogs, pulse strength, signal strength and indication of battery charge/discharge status etc.


Collar length

The Canicom GPS has a very strong and high quality plastic collar. It doesn't give your pooch a problem wearing it and it holds well on his neck. The length of the collar is adjustable from 20 to 50cm. 



Weight and dimensions

The receiver has dimensions 86 x 45 x 45 mm and the weight with battery is 280 grams. The dimensions of the transmitter with antenna are 148 x 58.6 x 39.5 mm and with battery it weighs 250g. The display on the transmitter has a resolution of 240 x 320 px and is 3.67 x 4.89cm wide.


Benefits Handicaps
  • Free app for iOS and Android
  • Localization range up to 15 km
  • Training range up to 3 km
  • For training up to 20 dogs
  • Waterproof and robust device
  • Suitable for medium and large dogs
  • Rechargeable device
  • Clear, backlit display
  • Magnetic charging
  • Long battery life
  • Not suitable for small breeds

How does GPS help you?

  • Helps you act efficiently, proactively and in a timely manner when your pet dog is lost
  • Ensures you can keep track of your dog's every move during a chase, rescue or walk
  • An invaluable tool for ensuring your dog's safety
  • Easily and simply ensure the prevention of the loss of your furry companion
  • Provides you with an overview of your dog's movements remotely, from anywhere
  • By storing and displaying your dog's movements backwards, you know where problem areas, lures or weak spots are in your dog's enclosure

How does the electronic training collar help you?

  • training collars help you teach your dog to walk off-leash
  • fix a reliable recall in all circumstances
  • stop the dog from running away after game (commands "stay", "to me", "to my leg" and "stay"), other dogs or people
  • unlearning to pull on the lead,
  • interrupting unwanted dog activities ("yuck", "you must not") - unlearning bad habits in everyday interaction with people, e.g. taking food from the table, jumping on people, digging, eating excrement, unwanted barking, howling, etc.
  • precise training of practically every command, where the dog has to perform it as accurately and reliably as if it were on a (up to hundreds of meters long!) leash
  • the unwanted dependence on the lead is removed, which the dog recognises very well and adapts its behaviour to it

For which breed is suitable

Determining suitability for a particular dog is always very difficult, because every dog is different. Mainly depends on the temperament and sensitivity of the dog. Based on our experience, we recommend this model for these breeds.

Mid-size dogs
Large dogs
Stubborn dogs

Package content

  • Collar
  • Transmitter
  • Long antenna
  • 2x magnetic charger
  • Textile lanyard
  • Short and long electrodes
  • Test lamp
  • Hard carrying case
  • Instructions


Extra information

Possibility to try goods

When shopping in our shop have a 30-day option to free loan product. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can submit it back for free and without giving any reason to come back and we will immediately send the money back. The collar can be tried, but can not be damaged.

The warranty on the goods

By law, the standard warranty on the goods two years. For some products, we have extended the warranty to 3 years. In case of any defect or failure of the product will be promptly repaired or replaced with a new piece. Compared to competing businesses we offer our customers a superior claims.

Shipment of the product

If we have a product in stock (the availability of the product is always listed) and order is until 14:00, we will send you the goods that day. In most cases, the goods will be delivered within 48 hours from ordering. Above all, it depends on what you choose payment and shipping method.

Delivery and payment


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