Ultrazvuková píšťalka Reedog
Ultrazvuková píšťalka Reedog

Ultrasound whistle for dogs Reedog

Ultrasound whistle called the Silent Whistle or silent whistle, which operates at high frequencies that are common to the human ear hardly audible. Dog whistle heard even at a distance of 2-3 km! Unlike other whistles has the advantage of processing quality - is made of high quality metallic material.

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Ultrasound whistle for dogs Reedog

What are whistles good for?

Using a dog whistle to leave (without leashes) is one of the oldest and quite simple tools possible communication handler (the dog owner) with a dog at a distance. Whistle is audible to dogs at a much greater distance than the voice commands, plus sounds the whistle for our dog is still the same, because the timbre and tone of our voice may be unlike whistles affected, for example, a different mood or cold. The dog basic training carried out with whistles then they can during training or during outings easier to communicate command information such as: "Stop, Do not, or to me," the other members of the pack (family). Whistles are used primarily for training, education and the management of hunting, sporting or working dogs, and increasingly also used for training and subsequent communication with the family dog.

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