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SportDOG SD-825E

SportDog SD-825E is a professional electronic training collar with a range of up to 700 meters and a fully submergible transmitter and receiver to 7.5 meters. This is an excellent mid-range device, the amount of selectable programs and modern design at a great price. We have features sound, vibration, impulse, which is adjustable in 7 levels.

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Warranty: 36 months

Product description

Electronic training collar SportDog SD-825E is an excellent device that combines high range, number of adjustable training programs and modern design at a great price. SportDog SD-825E is an incredibly versatile training collar, which is ideal for basic training and for professional training of hunting or working dogs. Both the transmitter and receiver are waterproof and submersible up to 7.5 meters. Adding another receiver can SportDog SD-825E easily extended to control up to three dogs at a time. Comfortable "rubberized coat" the transmitter and ergonomic design makes this device the joy control. The most fascinating part SportDog SD-825E is a versatile transmitter that offers you a huge amount of training modes that you can always change during training. Simply preset the transmitter mode you want to use during the training and between them you can change. Regime change on the transmitter is quick and easy. For SportDog SD-825E can set the strength of pulses in 7 levels, combine audio alert with pulses or vibrations pulses vary the duration and strength of the pulse (brief strong impulse, short weak pulse, long a strong impulse, long a weak pulse) and everything can be freely combine and set the buttons to suit your needs. 



SportDog SD-825E will help you train your dog without leashes at distances up to 700 meters. Reach 700 m is sufficient for both basic and professional training most dogs. SportDog SD-825E is ideal for use both in town and in the forest, where there are worse conditions and may reduce range.


Correction type

SportDog SD-825E has the option to use it as a correction notification sound, vibrations and electricity. pulse. You can set up to 7 levels of long pulse and 7 levels of short pulses. Simply set the collar and tailored specifically for your dog. Power pulse can increase or decrease at any time using the wheel on the transmitter.



SportDog SD-825E has to choose from the 7 different modes, which allow you to select the perfect choice for you. You can set power pulse in 7 levels, tone, vibration, long or short pulse, the ability to control multiple dogs at a time, and can also program the order buttons on the transmitter. Just so you can create several modes and you use depending on how you plan to just training. So you can use as an educational one mode and the second mode eg. When you're on the hunt with a dog. Regime change on the transmitter is quick and easy.


Battery and charging

The receiver and transmitter are for SportDog SD-825E are fitted with replaceable and rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (200mAh transmitter and receiver 160mAh), which is charged within 2 hours. They have LED indication on the state of charge / discharge and one charge lasts in operation 40-60 hours. Collar and transmitter can be recharged at any time using a dual mains charger.



SportDog SD-825E technology has DryTek, because the transmitter and receiver are completely waterproof and submersible up to 7.5 meters. SportDog SD-825E is an ideal choice for training dogs in water or extreme conditions (forest, mud).


Number of dogs

SportDog SD-825E je možné použít pro ovládání více psů najednou. Přikoupením dalších obojků jej můžete jednoduše rozšířit, pro výcvik 3 psů najednou. Na vysílačce si pak můžete pomocí bočního tlačítka přepínat mezi jednotlivými psy.


Collar lenght

SportDog SD-825E has a very nice quality collar made of plastic. The dog does not wear his problem a good hold on the neck. Collar length is adjustable from 20 to 70 cm.



Transmitter has a width of 4.7 cm, height 8.8 cm and depth 2.5 cm and its weight is 110 g. The receiver has a width of 6.2 cm, height 2.6 cm and depth of 2.5 cm and its weight is 49 grams.


The product is included in categories

Collars Training collars By the breed For small dogs For mid-size dogs For big dogs By the range 300 to 600 meters By the brand SportDog By the correction type Electronic Vibration By waterproof Water-resistant Waterproof Submersible By number of dogs For 1 dog For 2 dogs For 3 dogs

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Number of dogs 1 - 3 dogs
Functions Sound, Vibration, Impulse, Booster
Functions Impulse, Vibration, Sound, Booster
Range 800 m
Range 800 m
Number of dogs 1 - 3 dogs
Size Small dogs, Large dogs, Mid-size dogs
Display yes
Waterproofing Submersible
Power USB charging
Waterproofing submersible
Collar length 12,7 - 55,88 cm
Receiver endurance 40 - 60 hours
Transmitter lifetime 50 - 70 hours
Receiver power supply USB charging
Transmitter power supply USB charging
Pulse level 10
Transmitter weight 132 g
Weight of the receiver 125 g
Transmitter dimension 5 x 18 x 3 cm
Dimension of the receiver 3,3 x 6,6 x 3,1 cm

Additional information


  • submergible up to 7.5 m
  • range 700 m
  • the ability to control up to three dogs at a time
  • charge during two hours and endurance to 60 hours
  • 7 levels of impulse (long and short)
  • small and ergonomically shaped receiver and transmitter
  • 3-year warranty


  • poor controls for multiple dogs
  • higher price

 Package content

  • Receiver
  • Transmitter
  • short electrodes
  • long electrodes
  • Adjustable Black Collar
  • The battery in the receiver
  • The battery in the transmitter
  • dual charger
  • Lanyard
  • test lamp

Training collars

How does the electronic training collar help you?

  • training collars help you teach your dog to walk off-leash
  • fix a reliable recall in all circumstances
  • stop the dog from running away after game (commands "stay", "to me", "to my leg" and "stay"), other dogs or people
  • unlearning to pull on the lead,
  • interrupting unwanted dog activities ("yuck", "you must not") - unlearning bad habits in everyday interaction with people, e.g. taking food from the table, jumping on people, digging, eating excrement, unwanted barking, howling, etc.
  • precise training of practically every command, where the dog has to perform it as accurately and reliably as if it were on a (up to hundreds of meters long!) leash
  • the unwanted dependence on the lead is removed, which the dog recognises very well and adapts its behaviour to it

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