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Patpet 400

The Patpet 400 is an electronic training collar with sound, vibration, and electrostatic pulse functions that can be regulated in 5 levels. With one transmitter and a range of 400 meters, you can train 2 dogs at the same time. The device has a backlit LCD display. The collar is waterproof.

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Product code: P44763
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

The Patpet 400 is the waterproof battery-operated collar, that is suitable for training in different areas– on the training ground, in the city or in the forest. The training collar offers 3 types of correction - sound, vibration, and electrostatic pulse, which can be adjusted in 5 levels. By purchasing additional collars, you can simply extend the transmitter's capabilities to train two dogs at the same time. On the transmitter, you can switch between dogs using the button. Patpet 400 is suitable for all dogs weighing from 4,5 kg. the Collar has an adjustable size of 20-64 cm.



The transmitter has a small backlit display that allows you to train your dog even in the evening. The  training collar is very easy to operate, each function has its own button. The display shows the strength of the corrective pulses, the battery level and the indicator of the dog you selected (if you train several dogs). The receiver and the transmitter have a rechargeable battery, that can endurance during up to 20 days after a two-hour full charge.


The Patpet 400 comes with a waterproof receiver. It can be used during middle rain.


Correction type:

The Patpet 400 training collar offers 3 types of correction: sound, vibration, and electrostatic pulse. Vibration and impulse levels are adjustable in 5 levels.



With the Patpet 400 collar, you can train at a distance of 400 meters. Suitable for training in different areas – on the training ground, in the city or in the forest.


Battery and charging:

The receiver and transmitter have a rechargeable battery. It takes 2 hours to fully charge. In standby mode, it can withstand up to 20 days.


Number of dogs:

With the electronic collar Patpet 400 you can train 2 dogs at the same time, for this you need to buy another collar + receiver. Then you simply switch between dogs using the button on the transmitter.



The Patpet 400 has high-quality backlit LCD display, which makes it suitable for training in the evening. The display shows the impulse strength, battery status, and the indicator of the selected dog.



The Patpet 400 receiver is resistant to strong IPX6 water flow. It can be used in mild rains. However, a longer stay in the water is not possible.


Collar length:

The adjustable collar is suitable for almost all dogs, different sizes and breeds with weight from 4,5 kg. the Size is 20-64 cm. the Receiver and electrodes are protected by a protective rubber cover.


Weight and dimensions:

Transmitter: width-4,8 cm; height-10,5 cm; depth 1,9 cm. Receiver: width-6,12 cm; height-3,5 cm; depth-3,2 cm


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Collars Training collars By the breed For mid-size dogs For big dogs By the range 300 to 600 meters By the brand Patpet By the correction type Electronic Vibration Sound By waterproof Water-resistant By number of dogs For 1 dog For 2 dogs

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Number of dogs 1 - 2 dogs
Functions Sound, Vibration, Impulse
Functions Impulse, Vibration, Sound
Range 400 m
Range 400 m
Number of dogs 1 - 2 dogs
Size Large dogs, Mid-size dogs, For the largest dogs
Display yes
Waterproofing Waterproof
Power USB charging
Waterproofing waterproof
Collar length 20 – 64 cm
Receiver endurance 15 - 20 days
Transmitter lifetime 15 - 20 days
Vibration level 5 levels
Pulse level 5 levels
Weight of the receiver 56 g
Transmitter dimension 4,8 x 10,5 x 1,9 cm
Dimension of the receiver 6,12 x- 3,5 x 3,2 cm
Electrodes Long and short electrodes

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Additional information


  • Range up to 400 meters
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Separate button for each function 
  • Sound, vibration, and Impulse
  • Fully waterproof and submersible

 Package content

  • Receiver
  • Transmitter
  • Charging cable
  • 2 types of electrodes (long and short)
  • 2 rubber caps for electrodes
  • Adjustable dog collar
  • Test lamp 
  • Manual

Training collars

How does the electronic training collar help you?

  • training collars help you teach your dog to walk off-leash
  • fix a reliable recall in all circumstances
  • stop the dog from running away after game (commands "stay", "to me", "to my leg" and "stay"), other dogs or people
  • unlearning to pull on the lead,
  • interrupting unwanted dog activities ("yuck", "you must not") - unlearning bad habits in everyday interaction with people, e.g. taking food from the table, jumping on people, digging, eating excrement, unwanted barking, howling, etc.
  • precise training of practically every command, where the dog has to perform it as accurately and reliably as if it were on a (up to hundreds of meters long!) leash
  • the unwanted dependence on the lead is removed, which the dog recognises very well and adapts its behaviour to it

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