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Dogtrace d-fence 1001 without wire

Electronic dog fence D-Fence 1001 has the functions of sound, 8 levels of pulse and restricted and warning zone. Both zones can be set at a distance of 0 to 15 meters. The length of the fence can be set up to 1200 meters. The fence for an unlimited number of dogs has a backup power source and waterproof receiver.  The package does not contain antenna wire, which must be ordered separately!



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157.93 € 130.52 € without VAT
Product code: P48776
Warranty: 36 months

Product description

Electronic fence for dogs D-Fence 1001 will help you to create an installation up to 1200 m. If the dog violates the first zone (warning), the receiver starts to emit an intermittent sound signal. If the dog cross the border of correction zone, the receiver will activate a sound signal together with a pulse that can be set at 8 levels. You can bury the wire in the ground (max 10 cm) or lead it through a fence or wall at a maximum height of 30 cm. You can also set the warning and correction zone for a range of 0-15m. The number of dogs with a receiver is not limited. The base is equipped with a backup battery to ensure safe operation of the device when the power is turned off for up to 16 hours. Package contains 100 m wire cross section 0.75 mm, with the possibility to purchasing another one. The advantage of the D-fence 101 is a waterproof receiver that can withstand even a short-time immersion.

The package does not contain antenna wire, which must be ordered separately according to the total length of your installation!



Zone setting:

For D-Fence 1001, you set a correction and warning zone. The correction zone is adjustable from 0.30 m to 1.50 m from the wire. The warning zone is adjustable from 0.40 m to 5 m on both sides of the wire.


Correction type:

D-Fence 1001 has 8 levels of electrostatic pulse. The pulse power is suitable for small and medium breeds.


drát v baleníWire:

Package d-fence 1001 does not contain antenna wire, which must be ordered separately.


                   Délka instalace - doporučený průřez drátu

  • do 400 m - 0,75 mm2
  • 400 m - 600 m - 1 mm2
  • 600 m - 900 m - 1,5 mm2
  • 900 m - 1200 m - 2,5 mm2


Battery and charging:

The d-Fence 1001 receiver is powered by a 3V CR2 battery. With standard use, the battery will withstand 3-6 months. The base is powered from the network.



The D-Fence 1001 is equipped with a fully waterproof receiver that can withstand short-term immersion in water. The collar can be used during rain or very wet weather. The base is not waterproof, we recommend to place it in a dry environment. 


                   Number of dogs:

D-Fence 1001 can be used for an unlimited number of dogs. By purchasing additional collars, you can simply expand it.



Collar lenght:

The D-Fence 1001 has a very strong and quality collar. The length of the collar is adjustable from 18 to 70 cm.


Weight and dimensions:

The base has a width - 10.9 cm, a height - 12.5 cm and a depth - 5.4 cm. The receiver has a width - 5.2 cm, height - 1.9 cm, depth - 2 cm, and its weight is 60 grams (including the battery).

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Fences Electronic fences By the breed For small dogs For mid-size dogs For big dogs By the brand Dogtrace By the land size to 600 meters to 800 metres to 1000 metres to 1600 metres Accessories

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Functions Impulse, Sound
Wire in package Není m
Land 1200 m
Number of dogs unlimited
Size Small dogs, Large dogs, Mid-size dogs
Power supply battery
Waterproofing Submersible
Collar length 2,5 × 70 cm
Receiver endurance 6 months
Battery in the receiver CR2 3V
Receiver power supply Battery
Transmitter power supply Power adapter
Pulse level 8
Weight of the receiver 60 g
Transmitter dimension 15,2 × 11,9 × 4,2 cm
Dimension of the receiver 3,4 × 4,3 × 6,4 cm
Electrodes Long and short electrodes

Additional information


  • easy installation
  • waterproof receiver
  • ability to set the correction and warning zones
  • sound function and 8 pulse levels
  • 2 electrode lengths
  • backup power supply
  • for an unlimited number of dogs

 Package content

  • base
  • receiver
  • 2x electrodes 12 mm
  • 2x electrodes 17 mm
  • CR2 3V lithium battery
  • 9.6 V backup battery
  • magnet with a cord around the neck
  • power adapter
  • test lamp
  • connector
  • 2x connectors for connecting wires
  • 2x plastic dowels for fixing the transmitting generator to the wall
  • 2x screws for fixing the transmitting generator to the wall

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