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Dogtra Pathfinder 2 - GPS and training collar

Dogtra pathfinder turns localization into intelligence! It is a highly professional GPS locator with integrated collar for demanding and specialized dog training. It is sophisticated, cleverly designed and reliably precise! A complete GPS system for tracking and training dogs, it includes a newly redesigned FREE real-time tracking and training app that allows you to track up to 21 dogs within a 10km range. The electronic training collar with 100 levels of stimulation and audio alerts is suitable for medium to large dogs and can be controlled via your mobile phone or your smartwatch.

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Product code: P53738
Warranty: 24 months
Description and parameters
Dogtra Pathfinder 2 - GPS and training collar
Dogtra Pathfinder 2…
612.74 €

Product description

The connection of your mobile phone with the GPS on the dog's neck is radio thanks to the GPS connector, i.e. by a transmitter-receiver system without the need to use the GSM network (for mobile phones). Thus, there is no need for a SIM card, there are no transmission fees to the mobile operator and the use is not dependent on GSM signal coverage (if there is no coverage, you only need to load a free map of the relevant area into the phone in advance for offline operation). The display of your mobile phone shows either your chosen map (normal, satellite or Google terrain map, or OpenStreetMap Outdoors for offline operation) with the location of the dog(s) and your location, or alternatively the direction and distance to the dog(s) being tracked. It is also possible to "add" your colleagues' dogs and track them as well as the location and movement of your colleagues. The second method of display (non-map, so called "GPS compass") is suitable e.g. in the forest or in rough terrain, where it is more practical to know which direction and at what distance the dog is located than to display its position on a map, and also when the distance of the dogs is small.

The GPS dog neck collar is robust, durable and fully waterproof and is well adapted to the practical needs of working with dogs in the field.

  • GPS collar with electronics (GPS module and radio transmitter/receiver)
  • radio communication units providing the connection between the GPS collar and the smartphone (the so-called "GPS connector")
  • and the user's smartphone

Mobile phone requirements:Bluetooth 5.0 and higher compatible. Verify version with phone manufacturer, iOS: 12.1 and higher, iPhone 8 and higher, Apple Watch Series 5 and higher, Galaxy Watch 4 and higher, and Android 6.0 and higher.


Main features:

The Dogtra Pathfinder 2 brings the technology of GPS collars to your smartphone, giving you a much smarter and faster way to track and train your dog(s). A smartphone is required to use the Dogtra Pathfinder 2 GPS collar, but it works even if there is no GSM coverage in the area (i.e. no cell phone signal). Smartwatch users can now track their dogs from their smartwatch with quick access to the enhanced PATHFINDER2 dog tracking app, available for Apple Watch Series 5 and Galaxy Watch4 Series and above. The smartwatch app offers access to your GPS receiver, compass, electronic collar commands and maps that provide accurate location information.

GPS tracking:

  • High speed positioning every 2 seconds for precise tracking
  • Maximum range up to 10 km (line-of-sight)
  • Three types of maps: General, Satellite and Terrain maps.
  • Offline working mode for use in areas without GSM coverage (no signal for mobile phones)
  • Option to select GPS tracking only (electronic training collar can be deactivated by the user)
  • Possibility to create 3 types of virtual fences/fences (Mobile-Fence, Geo-Fence and E-Fence): the user can select an area on the map and the device then sends an alert if the dog leaves or enters it. This area can "move" with the handler (Mobile-Fence) and watches that the dog does not move more than a set distance away, or is fixed (Geo-Fence) or not only alerts the owner but also the dog and by stimulation "returns" the dog back to the set area (E-Fence) like a regular electronic fence.


Electronic training collar:

  • 100 stimulation levels (precise linear adjustment of stimulation in 1% increments from lowest to highest)
  • Short (Nick) and long (Constant) stimulation
  • Sound alert for dog (Tone)
  • Vibration alert (Pager)
  • Advanced contact points


New Pathfinder 2 features

  • New GPS connector with function button of the electronic training collar
  • New GPS receiving collar with vibrating pager and intense LED locating light
  • New receiver lock mode
  • New sleep mode
  • New GPS connector localization tone
  • New USB 5 V charger 
  • New free PATHFINDER2 app with updated user interface
  • New smartwatch compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series and Apple Watch Series 5 and above
  • Free maps supported by MapBox
  • New virtual fence modes: Mobile-Fence, Geo-Fence and new E-Fence


The new PATHFINDER2 series is not compatible with previous generation PATHFINDER systems.

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Number of dogs až 21 psů
Range 10 km m
Range 10 km m
Function impulse, GPS, vibration
Size For the largest dogs, Large dogs, Mid-size dogs
Waterproofing Submersible

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