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Menforsan natural moisturizing shampoo with green apple, 300 ml

A premium shampoo that moisturizes, revitalizes, and repairs dry or damaged coats in dogs with long, thick hair. Restores texture and softness to the coat. Its green apple scent eliminates unpleasant odors and gives your pet's coat a pleasant scent. Suitable for frequent use. Volume: 300 ml.

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Warranty: 24 months

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Product description

Does your dog's coat seem dry, dull, and shineless? Then this natural moisturizing shampoo for dogs Menfrosan is for you. This shampoo revitalizes and moisturizes the coat and can promote its shine and natural color. The result will be a shiny and at first glance healthy coat of a happy dog. You will appreciate the shampoo, especially in summer, because it has a pleasant cooling effect. Antioxidants from green apples restructure the coat and leave it aerated and smooth to the touch. All Menforsan shampoos have a balanced pH and are therefore suitable for frequent use.

How to use. Apply the shampoo. Massage until you get a rich and creamy lather and leave it on for a while. Rinse and let the dog shake. Dry the coat with a towel and use a hair dryer to remove any traces of moisture.

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Additional information


  • Paraben-free
  • Concentrated formula
  • With green apple extract
  • Moisturising action
  • Very mild surfactants
  • Contains natural collagen, which adds strength and elasticity


  • None

Package contents

  • Menforsan natural moisturizing shampoo with green apple, 300 ml

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