Protištěkací obojek PetSafe (PBC19-10765)
Protištěkací obojek PetSafe (PBC19-10765)Protištěkací obojek PetSafe (PBC19-10765)Protištěkací obojek PetSafe (PBC19-10765)

USED - Anti-barking collar PetSafe PBC19-10765

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Used and unpacked anti-barking collar PetSafe. There are several options, they can be selected from the list. The photos are illustrative and approximately correspond to the state. Below you can find a detailed description of each state.

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USED - Anti-barking collar PetSafe PBC19-10765

Information about the goods status:

1) Unpack

The device is only unpacked or the packaging has been damaged, that's why the product has been repackaged in non-original packaging. The device was never used.

2) Nearly new*

The product was used for demonstration in the store or was exchanged by the customer within a few days. It may not have the original packaging, maximum the product may have several light abrasions.

3) Easily used*

The device  has been used for 5-15 days, scratches from the claws are already visible on it.

4) Heavily used*

The device has been used for 15 to 40 days, there are very noticeable scratches or toothprints. The product can be after maintenance or repair.

*We sell only 100% functional goods that can be used as well as new ones. For example, waterproofing and other properties are always preserved. The warranty period for category 1 and 2 is the same as for the new goods, for categories 3 and 4 the warranty period is 12 months. The product can be changed or returned during 30 days. The device is always presented in full configuration (if have not been provided differently).


Anti-barking collar PetSafe PBC19-10765 is universal collar designed for every size of dogs which uses electric pulse as a correction. Collar detects barking by the vibration sensor.

Main characteristics:

  • Suitable for every dog from 3,6kg
  • Waterproof but not underwater
  • Activated by vibration sensor

Correction Type and technology:

  • Collar uses static correction for barking elimination which is most effective on the market. Correction is to get attention of the dog not harm him

Further information:

  • Adjustable collar from 15,5cm to 70cm
  • Frequency: 303.825 Mhz
  • Weight: 42,5g

collar uses 6V battery (RFA-67D) special PetSafe battery which last from 3to6 months. From the beggining of using the collar the battery will be empty sooner because of the frequent usage.



For which breed is suitable

Determining suitability for a particular dog is always very difficult, because every dog is different. Mainly depends on the temperament and sensitivity of the dog. Based on our experience, we recommend this model for these breeds.

Small dogs
Mid-size dogs
Large dogs

Technical features

Weight 42,5 g
Impulse 6
Adjustable sensitivy no
Collar lenght 15 - 70 cm
Battery RFA-67D
Type of correction impulse + beep sound
Watertightness waterproof
Power supply battery
Barking detection by the vibrations of the vocal
Battery life 3 - 6 months

Extra information

Possibility to try goods

When shopping in our shop have a 30-day option to free loan product. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can submit it back for free and without giving any reason to come back and we will immediately send the money back. The collar can be tried, but can not be damaged.

The warranty on the goods

By law, the standard warranty on the goods two years. For some products, we have extended the warranty to 3 years. In case of any defect or failure of the product will be promptly repaired or replaced with a new piece. Compared to competing businesses we offer our customers a superior claims.

Shipment of the product

If we have a product in stock (the availability of the product is always listed) and order is until 14:00, we will send you the goods that day. In most cases, the goods will be delivered within 48 hours from ordering. Above all, it depends on what you choose payment and shipping method.

Delivery and payment


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